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Monday, October 17, 2011

Todays makes

Ok Today I was MEANT to be Tidying!
Hubby was in bed, (hes a Baker, on nights,) so noisy isnt really allowed until night time, when Youngest is in bed. Luckily Youngest is more than used to the strange noises that emanate from my craft room at night time, with the printer grumbling away, Robbie Robo squealing and sqeaking, the foilier humming, the heat gun, blasting, punches punching.........its all lullabye music to him.
So Back to tidying, as you can see I do get distracted sometimes.......I found a variety of bits and pieces, all of which were crying very loudly that they wanted, no needed to be used.
A piece of Rangers Adirondack Brown Colour coredinations, a card ribbon, some foiled card, and a Reindeer Topper..........
so Out came the Papermania Snowflake embossing folder, because it was on the top of the pile in the folder tub, embossed the adirondack core card, and sanded it back lightly.......I didnt use the proper sanding blocks, because I'm cheap, and I have misplaced it in here somewhere, but I did find an epilator pad, for doing my legs, yes It WAS a NEW ONE!!!!
some Brown Glitter on some strong red double sided tape, top and bottom. The Card ribbon across one edge off centre. Then backed onto some gold foiled snowflake card stock, which I gutted of course, being cheap, and mounted the reindeer topper with foam pads for a bit of dimension, wasnt quite happy with it, so I routed out a Decoroller, in gold, and just created a thin gold border on the edge of the adirondack core card. I do like the pens from Decoroller, they are those Paint pens, with the ball bearing inside, which you have to shake to get the paint to mix. But the nib is like a ball point, so is finer than most paint pens. If you do use a paint pen and you need a straight line, turn the ruler over, so the flat side is up and the bevelled side is down, then the paint wont catch on the edge of the ruler, and run under it.


jo said...

Epilator pad? so, it's not just me then - i've tried that idea instead of using sanding blocks cos i'm cheap too lol! Didn't work though :(
Jo x

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh Jo, it works lovely, just have to be really gentle, and dab instead of sand I think, took me a while to figure it, out, but the sanding block IS in here somewhere, lol

Jacqueline said...

LOVE the colours youv'e chosen for this piece!

I seem to be leaning more and more towards the muted and grungy just now. Not sure why really.Maybe it's a 'phase' lol.

Thanks for sharing,

Jackie x

Sheen said...

Hi Lou, I am loving your blog and this card is just lovely. I love the glitter and the colours. Great tip about the paint pen and ruler - so sensible, but sometime common sense evades me...lol x

Karen Howard said...

Wow, this is fabulous! Love the deer and your card design! Hugs, Karen
P.S. I've candy on my blog!