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Monday, October 10, 2011

Todays Project

well, Today was a day of excitement!!

I finally got to play with my new CDs, My Craft Studio Advanced Encyclopedia. http://www.createandcraft.tv/SearchGridView.aspx?fh_location=//createandcraft/en_GB/$s=advanced%20encyclopedia

What a lovely selection of cards and projects met my eyes, and I was hard tasked to choose a starting point. In the end I plumped for the Love Boxes.
I do like these, and am going to play some more with the set. This sparked off some Ideas in my little brain, as they always do, so currently I have spent the best part of tonight figuring out how to make the boxes for "Christmas". Now just got to get them into the pc, and into a format I can play with, as the mechanics are all done and dusted. I am also thinking about doing a welded word box in my Graphtec Craft Robo Silhouette SD, I did say thinking didnt I?

I must admit I have found it a lot easier just lately, as I have bought a proper daylight bulb for my little craft room, and I can definatley see the difference when I walk about the rest of the house at night, much less eyestrain for one thing, so I would recommend upgrading if you can, even hubby, whose eyesight is starting to go long sighted has noticed the difference, he can see games and text easier in this light, so I think I will have to switch the whole house to Daylight bulbs, to keep him OUT my craft room!!!!

1 comment:

Shoshi said...

Cute boxes, Lou! I so agree about the daylight bulbs. I use PureLite bulbs which are cheaper than "Daylight" brand bulbs. I've got low-energy ones in different brightnesses - one for the centre light in my ARTHaven, and 3 others for my various lamps. Before I got them I had awful problems with the colour balance on my photos, but they make the colours so much better that sometimes I even have to adjust the colour TOWARDS the red rather than away from it! When I come out onto the landing after an evening in there, I'm always struck how yellow the light is. Defnitely worth investing in, and you can shop around online and get them reasonably cheap. The low energy ones last a nice long time too.