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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Happy Cut A4 Die Cutting Machine

Ok Happy Cut by Artemio

Happy Cut Open

Happy Cut
By Artemio
 I really had a good hunt around for an A4 Die cutting machine. I considered the Grand Calibur, and the Joy Trouvaille, but discovered issues with both, and was getting quite fed up when I stumbled upon Happy Cut!

Strange no one else seems to have stumbled upon it. But maybe you have and thats why you are here?

I bought mine From Samuel Taylors in Leeds,  http://www.clickoncrafts.co.uk/ over the internet, taking a chance I know. However I have NOT been disappointed. It is made by a Belgian company I believe ( Artemio) and in appearance, apart from the colour,  is exactly the same as the Joy Trouvaille. Confused? Yes I was too and still am!
However, I am notoriously hard on equipment, ask my poor old Bug, and yet this machine hasnt Broken.
I have cut 350gsm cardstock with Spellbinders, Mirri Card, Tin Foil........yes I have put it through its paces!!
When you buy this from Samuel Taylors make sure you also get the SP Plate which is inculded in the deal. It enables you to use embossing Folders with out any problems, and is included in the package price, so there is no additional outlay for plates and Mats, as all are included in the cost, and I have used 350gsm in the folders with no problem.

So why isnt it wide spread? No idea, but I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Cheap,
no additional outlay for plates, and does the job perfectly, doesnt weigh much more than the old Bug, and isnt that horrible Fake skin colour.
I love it, its flat top means you can put the plates on top while making your sandwich, the extending sides, on both sides, mean you dont have to support or catch the plates while it goes through, and it folds away brilliantly. All in all one of my desert island choices. I wouldnt be with out it!!!


Lisa said...

HI, I stumbled across you blog whilst googling for the happycut, I got mine from Clickon/SamTaylors too and love it! I use it whenever I craft now and though about ordering some more plates just in case and discovered Sam/clickon no longer have it on their website!
Anyway, just thought i'd say Hi to a fellow Happycut user and am glad you are as happy with yours as I am with mine:D
best wishes

(aka 3peaches on uks)

jean said...

Hi, I am trying to decide which A4 die cutting machine to buy annd to be honest I am confused. I believe the Joy Trouvaille machine had faults, but they are selling it on create and craft. Also there is the Grand Calibur and through reading blogs etc, I find the Happy Cut machine seems to be good. I would be so grateful to hear about the Happy Cut, does it cut spellbinder, marianne,cuttlebug etc dies? Have you found any problems with it. Thankyou for your time. Jean.

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Hi Jean, Unfortunately I cant get to anywhere to leave you a message so I hope you read this........I have NO issues with using ANY folder, or ANY die. The only die it wont take is the Big Shot dies, the big block ones. It will take Spellbinders, Cheery Lynn, Leanne Creatif, Sizzix, Go Kreate, and Cuttlebug dies, including the ones which are plastic and foam backed.
It will take ANY embossing folder, so far, including the Craft Too, Embossibilities, Papermania, Cuttlebug/Provocraft, Creative Expressions, Friskars Texture plates, Tri-Boss, Craft Concepts, and the Cuttlebug all in one folders.
I havent found anything it wont take which is why I rate it so highly. It comes with ALL the plates you need, so you dont have to wait to order a special plate to use embossing folders etc,

Hope this helps, xx

jean said...

Thank you so much for your speedy detailed reply. So would you definately choose the happy cut over the grand calibur. I want to get the best machine for my money as you can imagine. Take care.


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Yes Jean I would. I wouldnt take a grand Calibur and £500 worth of dies for my Happy, I am that happy with it, The extending sides, and flat top make it ideal for getting eveything in without wobbling lol, and I do a lot of that! I love it. Samuel Taylors currently have these in stock, but you're better off phoning them, as the website has a glitch that is saying out of stock, when they are infact IN stock, lol, I checked today with them, as someone else was querying it, xxx

Patsy said...

Hi every one I think you have made my mind up. I had a grand calibur but have had to return it as it developed
some faults one it didnt keep in place two the white pull out shelve came adrift. also I had trouble when
turning the handle as I have dexterity problems. Am I right in thinking that the handle is quite easy to turn
Thanks for your help Patsy

Vanessa said...

Hi, would just like to say thank you for creating this blog, it helped me to make my mind up as I had been considering purchasing a grand calibur but had heard so many stories of things going wrong that it put me off. The happy cut is now the machine I have decided I want and is now ordered, I just have to wait until Christmas till I can play with it :)

Liz kendal-wood said...

I purchased the happy cut too after having problems with the handle on the grand calibre and unfortunately
was cutting 200gsm card with a spellbinder die and the machine chunked and jumped and started to kick back only to my disappointment to find a tooth had broken on the cog
so not much better than any of the others i am afraid

Liz kendal-wood said...

well I was happy with my happy cut until i decided to cut some spellbinder dies with 200gsm card and the machine jumped and kicked back at me only to find a tooth had snapped on one of the cogs and now has gone back to samuel taylors for repair i have had the machine 12 weeks and hardly used it as i have the big shot which is fantastic and would recommend to any one.The happy cut...not so happy customer

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Thanks for getting in touch Liz, I am so sorry that you have had problems with the happy, I still love mine to bits, and havent had any problems with it, and you're the first person to have mentioned it, so be sure I'll keep an eye on any issues arising!

Sue Gee said...

Hi there. I've read your reviews of the HappyCut and watched your videos and am very impressed by it. I have a GC which isn't very old but struggles with Spellbinders' more intricate dies. I've tried a Big Shot also, but that too struggles with the same dies. The particular problem dies I have are Resplendent Rectangles and Scalloped Borders One. Have you had any problems with these, or similar, with the HappyCut? I'm really considering spending a bit more and getting one from Glitter Perfect (Samuel Taylor's still seems to be out of stock). Many thanks in advance

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Hi Sue,
Okay I have 3 machines, Bug, Happy and E-bosser. I dont have the Spellbinders dies you are talking about, but I do have some Cheery Lynn dies, which are very detailed. The Happy is the only one to cut the Cheery Lynn in one pass. Purely because I can swap the plates around to get a better sandwich.
I will say that the new version of the Joy has the metal gears I believe and is worth considering, as its exactly the same machine, just a different colour. They had issues with a plastic gear when I wrote this post, but I believe it has now been rectified.
The reason I suggest the Happy, or Joy, is because of the range of mats included in the package. it will take quite a few runs to settle the machine down to its normal operating pressure, and if you dont want to use the blue mat, instead of the grey, then I would suggest one of the magnetic shims to improve the cut.

Sue Gee said...

Thanks very much for that info. I'll take a look at the Joy as well, plus using a magnetic shim. Although there don't seem to be many online shops where you can buy the HC, I've noticed that some don't include all the plates - i.e. the SP plate is missing and/or the embossing mat not included. It's also interesting what you say about taking quite a few runs to settle the machine down to normal operating pressure - my GC was certainly more efficient at the beginning!

Unknown said...

I did some research about A4 cutting machines and came accross your blog earlier this year, I opted for the Happy cut and am very happy with it, Samuel taylor are showing the Happy Cut as out of stock but they have it in, I live close to it and clled in to see it in the flesh and to put an orde and they had one in even though the website was showing as out of stock, I was in Samuels this week and they are setting up a new website in October so maybe it will be more up to date by then, the machine is easy to use even my 5 year old granddaughter can use it when I set it up for her, thanks for your youtube guides they are great.

Viv said...

I also have the Happy Cuts ( almost a year now) and have found it to be great.I also got mine from Samuel Taylor's.I have also listed all the sandwich recipe's for the dies etc. on my blog. Look under 'Happy Cuts machine' on the list on right hand side in posts ....it was about Nov/Dec 2012 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm trying to decide which die cutting machine I should buy, I had a Grand Caliber but after only 4 weeks it fell apart, luckily I managed to get a refund. I use mainly the Tattered Lace dies and would like to know if I could use them with the Happy Cut machine successfully.
Thank you.