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Monday, October 17, 2011

Scraps come in Handy!!

Okay, I am a hoarder I think!!

As mentioned in my other posts, I WAS tidying up. And I found 2 toppers, again from Hunky Dory, and thank goodness for the magazine so I can name them, these two were from the Contemporary Card Toppers, Dashing Reindeer.
I also found a card I had started to make, well I had embossed some Gold Mirri card on my Hougie Board a while ago, in a starburst effect, and mounted it on some plain Black 300gsm Card, but thats as far as I had got with it.
So.....gold, black, brown? Ok I'll give it a go........
so I needed to bring in some more Brown to make this work, but I didnt want to detract from the Gold Mirri too much, but it did need some thing to tone it down........Why I thought of Brown Glitter I have NO IDEA!!
So 3 strips of strong red double sided tape, 2 at one end, and one along the bottom, brown glitter, which I picked up from Doncaster, and some cream satin Ribbon, Promarkered with the Umber Pen, card finally finished, only been about 4 months in the making!!!

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