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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hidden Book waterfall card

Well I was inspired by good old Deano on Create and Craft some weeks ago. He was on with Kim Sutton of B-C-E Templates, and suggested a waterfall Hidden Book card. Here's my version:

The Template for the Hidden Book Card is available on the B-C-E site   http://b-craft-e.co.uk/prod_desc_BCE000586.html?sno=298

Make up the template as you normally would, but as you prepare to tape up, place some narrow Shaker tape down on the main box frame, under the edges of the window, making sure that the sliding door, sits ontop of the tape nicely as close to the front of the frame as you can get. You need it to be as flush as possible with the front box window, but noy stuck to it. DO NOT remove the smooth backing paper from the tape, or you will stick the door to the frame. If you find that there is a bit too much of a gap, then add another layer of shaker tape.. Before you finally stick it all together, at the opposite end to the sliding door, level with the folded side of the card box. make a slit just above the crease which is to be taped down, to allow you to insert your water fall handle. Assemble the waterfall, remembering to make each successive picture narrower, or they will end up sticking out of the front of the card door. Due to the fact that you have pushed the door flush with the front of the box, there is enough room to put the waterfall behind without it catching.

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