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about me..........

A little bit about me..................
My name is Lou Price, hence the L00Py's (Lou P's if you still dont get it!).
I suffer from a rare Genetic Condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type III. Unfortunately this is rarely diagnosed early enough to make sufficient change to a life style, especially at my age, and can result in some form of disability. This is the reason I have immersed myself in craft.
Before I discovered the EDS factor, I have had a full and varied Career and life. I had a privileged background, and attended Private Boarding School where I played Hockey for 3 teams at the same time. I decided against University, my to my parents disgruntlement and became a Police Officer in Central London, where an injury first caused concern, but I would remain undiagnosed for another 20yrs. I was a supervisor in a wedding hire factory, Sales assistant, Trainer, and an IT business professional to name a few. I was training as an Adult Teacher until the EDS kicked in with a vengeance.

Quite a mix of occupations there!!!

 I have 3 children ( Former Chef at The Hilton Hotel Manchester, now going into cake design, Gamekeeper in Training, and the last one looks to be a Crafter, all 3 are EDS'ers) 3 step children, and 3 dogs, just to keep the 3 theme going!!
I have always been a crafter, even as a child. French Dolly knitting, scrapbooking, when Scrap Books were Scrap books, (in fact I still have a few in the loft, Duran Duran I think,) I have tried almost everything to do with craft. I have made my own clothes and furnishings, tried knitting (Complete failure!), like crotchet, paint using One Stroke, which I still use, decorate my own tiles and plates and windows, now I am immersing myself in Paper/Card craft and trying to incorporate the techniques I have learned though other crafts and incorporate those disciplines into my papercrafting.
I stamp, distress, cd craft, kit craft. I use promarkers, and watercolours. And I will take a crafty idea, and run with it!! Currently, I am responsible for the Tea Set on display in Dean Wilsons Dressing room, created the Waterfall Secret Book Card from Kim Suttons Template and am becoming known for my Macaroons at craft shows!
Hence the designs on my page which arent anywhere else that I have found, and are truly unique. Hopefully, you can adapt some of my ideas for your own use, or just to kick start your own inspiration.

Currently I am looking for some Design Team work as I live in a deprived area not very big on Handcrafted cards, and doing my own Craft fairs are hard work, so doing DT work would be a good way to continue producing so prolifically.

If you want to contact me, my email is pricesandmore(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk, 

Thanks for looking at my blog and I hope you liked what you saw,