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Friday, September 27, 2013

Poisonous Spider Warning UK The False Widow

Hi guys

well those who know me best know that this is NOT my favourite topic!
But as FG has just pointed out to me on the phone..........NOT everyone does facebook, or reads the newspapers or catches the news, for one reason or another, so she suggested that I posted this to Blogger for those that have missed this like she had!

There is a spider in the UK whose bite is very poisonous Called the False Widow, and although it is mostly confined to the SOUTH of ENGLAND, it seems to be spreading north, and there are isolated cases in the North of England.
This is what it looks like:

DO NOT TRY to catch it with your hands or try to kill it, if it can it WILL bite you! If possible try to capture it with a jar, what you are supposed to do after that I dont know, but dont try to touch it!
Its bite is venomous, and can cause tingling and swelling around the bite area, and it is suggested that those who maybe allergic to it, could be killed by the bite and the amount of venom injected. How you are supposed to know if you are allergic I dont know, but apparently it has caused a couple of amputations.
If bitten, attend the nearest A&E, or your GP asap, and tell them you think it was a False Widow bite. They say DONT phone 999, but I suggest that if you are struggling to breathe or are having chest pains then phone 999, and get an ambulance.
Apparently this spider prefers being up high, so the First floor, normally bedrooms and bathrooms would be its favourite place, and it may move indoors to get out of the cold.
Right I now have to go calm down, and try to get the goosebumps OFF my skin as my hair is definitely standing up on end here! Horrible things, and yes I do have Arachnophobia, and seems my Arachnophobia is well and truly placed! So dont take the Mickey out of me for getting out of the way as fast as I can!

Keep your eyes open,



Linny said...

I live on the first floor! eek! I hate spiders, they make my skin crawl too. SIL has just seen one in my bedroom and removed it for me. So hope thats it for tonight.....

Chris said...

Hi Lou, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Julye said...

i'm with you arachnophobe stand together. My son removed a big brick spider for me the other night it was running up the stairs. I bashed it with one of sons boots and then asked son to cover it with paper so I could stand on it but no my son (who has Cerebral palsy) went upstairs on his stair lift grabbed it in his fingers and came back down and through it out side , he wanted to put it in the bin but I said no chance it might just be palying dead- he just laughed at me and found it all highly amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for posting this informative article. I found it after googling 'what does a uk spider bite look like' - If you're brave enough to google that, I'd warn brace yourself for the images(!). Still it's good to know the dangers. I had no idea about this false widow one. I had a spider (I think) bite which took around a month to stop itching, swelling and hurting; just glad it eventually went.
Love the crafting too! I'm a crafter also ..so love to see other creatives at work.
All the best