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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ANother peak and I didnt mean to use it!

okay well for today I have this:
An 8x8 scalloped Craft Nouveau card.
This caused me some really hard soul searching, once I discovered what I had done!
But before I get to that part, lets get on with the sample shall we?
This is one of the circular pyramid toppers from the disk Craft Nouveau by the boys at Kraftyhands, one of my set pieces, so I had to do something with it, question was .........What exactly?
So I started to look through the papers on the cd, thinking shaped card? easel card? hanging frame? small card? big card?
Okay, big card, so now how do I make this small topper fit onto a big card?
Still rummaging through the papers I came across the Palm Fronds, hmmn...............
So printed it off, and then put the card base, paper and topper on the table together and looked at it.........hmmn, okay needs something else, a matt, okay so rummage through the stash for just the right colour, nope, nope, definitely not, mmnnnmm maybe, nope, nope, aha!
Okay so the matt colour is good, now what else? needs more!
Topper still looks small on the card base, so need something to decrease the visible area..................Ribbon! What colour? oh dear! I needed to bring the picture and card base together, so need to find something that was in the picture,and the background............................skin tone! Most Art Nouveau images are ivory skinned, so Ivory ribbon, and ideally quite wide, aha! got it, actually the last of some ribbon I "recycled" from a Bridesmaids Bouquet some years ago. I had washed it, and rolled it and put it in the draw.
So now I had a ribbon, and it needed a bow, okay, now the bow needs something..................This one caused some real searching in my stash, nothing seemed to suit, until I came across a tattered flower which had been inside a Pound shop craft pack! Yep the flower was from the pound shop, see what you can find when you hunt around?
Okay, so far so good, the flowers on the fronds paper had centres so to bring the matt and the paper together, I cut out the centre of the flowers. And then used a lot of glue pen covering sections of the frond paper, and Crystal glitter.
Now you know how you can get a metallic paper? It doesnt feel like ordinary paper, and has that plasticey coating on the top? Thats what I thought I had, so I stuck the backing paper onto the matt, and then proceed to cover the holes I had made with some glossy accents..
Okay, Mount the topper onto some of the same matt with a tiny edge showing.
Fine, then I cut a couple of corners using and old spellbinder die set, Shapeabilities Floral Doily Accent, its one of the Brown die sets the older ones.
Now at this point, I did actually think that the matt layer was incredibly poor quality, as the paper separated through the middle,  not cut or torn, or damaged on the surface, but as if the back of the paper had come away from the front, and bear in mind that these are small corners....................so I didnt realise until the second one what was going on!
I had only used a sticky backed sheet! If I'd known that I'd have gutted it!
So then comes the soul searching...............do I pull it all apart and rescue as much of the sticky backed paper as I can? Do I leave it? Will it fall apart on screen, with the backing paper coming off the sticky bit?
What would you do?
I hadnt stuck the matt to the card at this point, but I had stuck the circle to the backing paper, and the backing paper to the surface of the sticky backed.
Well If I had removed the backing paper from the sticky backed, I would have left marks all over the sticky backed so there was no point doing that, as it would have been unusable, and I would have had to re-glitter another sheet, and re glaze. Okay cut my losses, remove the carrier sheet and stick the matt to the front of the card then.................boy did it take a while for me to get the back off!
That actually made me feel much better in all honesty. It was such hard work getting that backing off, that it meant I didnt have to try to remove the topper , as its pretty darned solid. When I had cut the dies, I must have stretched the sticky sheet which allowed the backing to come off. The matt on the circle had been cut by hand, not by dies, so the stretching hadnt occured, and I cant get it to release anyway!
So the card was finished, print off the insert, which are on the cd, , stick the bow down, a couple of Pearls, and some glitter and glaze on the main image and jobs a good 'un, as my Dad would say!
Yes I have put the sticky backed in a very safe place now, thing is can I remember where I put it when I need it again?

Right off to create another one!

Have fun,


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