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Sunday, September 22, 2013

still at it...........

Although I have been quiet its because I have been hard at it since my last post.
Well okay I took some time off to read 4 new books, (Yes I am a speed reader, comes of learning to read at 2 yrs old, by all accounts I was a Nightmare child, and Mum had to do something with me....) but I needed a days break in all honesty, so here's another from the New Craft Nouveau CD which will be on C&C on the 1st of October.
The problem I have is choices choices, I have 5 more to show, and having taken a break I am ready to go again! So for today I think it will be ....................................

Now if you get the Cd you can hunt high and low for the items to make this card, and you probably wouldnt spot them, lol.
This is one of the inserts and one of the sentiments.
Luckily I have a Laser printer in addition to my workhorse A3 Ciss printer, and I also have a foiler from Patsy May.
Now the boys are putting inserts on these CDs, but I see no reason why they should just be an insert.
So , Thank you Mike and Ian, they have put some lovely inserts together  AND there's even one in plain Black and White, which is ideal for foiling.
In order to get a good foiled image you need something to stick the foil to the image, or where you want it to be , and really theres only 2 ways to do that.
One is something called Hot stamping, which uses a hot plate to create the image like the Craft Dragon or Hot foil Wizard. You need a foil which has glue on the back of it for hot Stamping, so that it melts the glue and transfers the foil to the project.
Or you use a laser printed image and a foil without glue. The toner which is heated onto the paper or card is able to be re-heated and form the glue for the foil.
There are pluses and minus to both forms of foiling.
For the laser printed foiled image you need a printer that will take all your card weights, not easy for most printers, and a good heavy toner so that there is plenty of glue. You also need a means of heating the foil and toner together. Admittedly I have a proper foiler which I can adjust the temperature settings on, as I can also foil Acetate, but most people get away with either a laminator, or even an Iron. They may not give the most perfect results, but they arent half bad, so dont knock it!
The other form, using the glued foil relies on a very steady hand, or buying plates with designs on.
Now I may be a bit like lindababyus
in that buying things Makes Me Happy, and if you watch the video, and are a crafter you will understand, but I aint daft enough to keep having to buy dies that have to be made for me to  Hot stamp designs with, sorry!
So I went down the laser route, cheap printer, foiler, and shed loads of foil. But of course to add highlights I also have the Hot Foil wizard, which is basically a soldering iron, so I can add touches when I want to.
But it Makes Me Happy!
So printed the design on the printer. Foiled it with Purple foil. Yes Purple! I am a crafter you know and its widely accepted that Purple is Our colour.
Any way, Then I debossed the foiled image with an Embossilicious dotty embossing folder, and then distressed it with Vintage photo, and then applied some Speccie Noirs to parts of the image.
Next I took some Cream Lace and ruffled it slightly down the gap between the 2 women, and added some distress to that as well, as I didnt want white, and I didnt really want cream.
Then some Purple glittery ribbon down the middle, and matted it onto some gold Mirri.
Next I took a large Go-create die, cant remember the name of this one, as I only have half the set, but its a nice shape, and cut the card base by leaving some of the die overhanging the folded edge of the card bas.
And cut a layer from some card from the disk that had been part used on another card, and created a smaller matt.
Edged both with a Gold Paint pen and started to assemble the card.
It just needed a little bit more, so out came some purple Mulberry Paper and I cut small circles and created some small rolled flowers, and cut some flourished from Gold Mirri.
To high light the edges of the flowers I used the Gold paint pen again very lightly, added it all to the card, added a sentiment I had also foiled in purple, and some gems and I like it!
Different to my usual style, and I enjoyed the challenge as I dont normally flourish my cards, but am getting into the habit of it now!




Linda Simpson said...

LOL Lou I do love a good read and can't wait to go on holiday next week when I will no doubt get through 8 books! Another beautiful sample, it is a shame I am going to miss the shows but go away on Tuesday.

Linda xxx

mags said...

Gorgeous card Lou, great idea using the insert as an image on the card front.

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Is that what they mean when they say "think out side the box"?
Clever you!
Card is amazing .
hugs Shirley-Anne
g+ you