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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Busy Busy

So what shall I show today?..............................

Decisions decisions! Normally I leave my favourite piece till last, and now I have 4 stacked as favourites..............
And I'm making more today, so I have to choose between 4 in order to post.
okay decision made, I think.....................................

Actually I just changed my mind!
Cor this is hard........................
right, enough prevaricating Lou, get on with it!!!!!

A clock, well you werent expecting that now where you?
Craft Nouveau is the soon to be released CD from the Boys at Kraftyhands, and when it says "Craft Nouveau" I think you can see from the variety of samples, exactly how Craftable this CD really is. I have had sneaky peaky's at some of my Teamies samples, and boy, have we all come up with something different! We have some new Teamies on board, which raises the bar for the rest of us, and I think we are all stepping up to the mark.
This was inspired by Les over at HP support here in the UK. Again my printer started playing up, just as the disk arrived, and I shot off to the phone with the images on screen. Eventually I had to unlock my computer, I dont allow remote access by any means, biggest way of having your privacy invaded, and virus' installed, so I had to unlock all the security measures to let the man do his job by remote access.
Les saw this image and said, "Wow that's stunning, I'd love that on a plate!" Now Les is in his late 30's, as he was in school later than me but not too late, so that should show the appeal of these images across a wide age range, so if in doubt that you'll ever use it, well I think you're wrong. This disk isnt just for those like my 73 yr old Dad who has always loved Art Nouveau, but also for the younger generations.
So I took one of the round pyramid toppers, and used the snap shot tool on Adobe reader to just take this image , the base layer from the page, and printed it on Photo paper 3 times, fitting the image to the page, so that the image is just shy of 8", instead of 3 1/2", so as you can see the quality of the artwork is very good.
Then I took my clock pieces, figured out where the centre of the image was, and how far the hands would extend from the centre so I knew where to start on the next layer.
Using a circle cutter I cut the other 2 sheets leaving me with 2 rings and one whole picture. Stacked with Silicon glue, and centred, the next job was to mark the acetate front, and make the side covering. Then add the numbers and assemble the rest of the clock, and hands, making sure to cut the hole in the right place on the sheet to cover the back.. Because this is a Mantle clock as opposed to a hanging clock, I needed stiffness and support both on the back, and sides, and obviously something to stop it rolling along the mantle!
The base support was made from some of the excess card I had left over from the sides, and was simply scored in 2 places and the excess curled around a pencil.

Thank you Les for your inspiration, xx

Right off to create more, while the creative juices are flowing, have fun, and dont forget about this CD, or the current challenge which you can find here

right off to sort out kids, not my own, but other peoples, and get some more creating done, hope you liked it, xx


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Linda Simpson said...

Stunning clock Lou!

Linda xxx