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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I been busy

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Kraftyhands October Challenge

Right I found this hard, but most of you out there will find this challenge easy!
Tag! Make a Tag challenge! Is the challenge for october at the Kraftyhands Challenge blog

Now I struggle with tags, the same as I struggle with scrapbooking, I really dont get the point, of them for some reason, ATC's are the same!

But that was the challenge so here's my Attempt!

Now I will admit, that this is a bit of a mishmash, but actually I am quite pleased with how it went together.
Kraft Card, for tag base,
Green ribbon from Fantastic ribbons Christmas collection,
Merry Christmas Dies from Rob Adams
Nordic Santa paper stack from Kraftyhands,
and a sheet of printed decoupage from Santa's Little Helpers CD, which I printed out on the run up to Last Christmas!
Spellbinders Holly Accents dies.
Gold Mirri card
Gold paint pen,
Gems and pearls

This is quite large, nearly A5 in size, so I cut the top of the tag in a decorative die by Go Kreate, sometimes they have lucky dip bags, and you get an assortment of dies, so I dont know what its called.
then I cut a piece from one of the Nordic paper stack, for the main layer of the tag, and wrapped it with the green and gold ribbon, I have a lot of this ribbon, but its a lovely double sided wide ribbon, so though I have 2 very large rolls, I do use it sparingly as its very heavy.
I used a sheet of the 6x6 paper stack, to fold into the tree on the bottom left.
next was to cut the Holly Accent and corner dies in the green paper from the paper stack, and gold mirri, overlaying the green offset, to create the gold edge.
The decoupaged Elf had been printed last year on glossy decoupage paper, so I just had to cut it and use pinflair for dimension, before mounting it in the centre of the tag,
The Merry Christmas was cut from gold glitter card by Papermania.
then I just ran round the edge with the gold paint pen, and threaded the ribbon through. Final touch was the gems and pearls for a bit of sparkle, as there no additional glitter used.

So, If I can do a Tag, then I dont see why you cant! Go on have a go, and link to the challenge at Kraftyhands



Saturday, October 04, 2014

Alys Inky Fingers

Hi Guys and girls

well you know me always on the look out!
So I subscribe to Alys Inky Fingers stamp club every month, which means that every month, a new set of stamps, and a suggested layout arrives, not only that I also get a discount at shows, and stuff like that. I bumped into Aly at the Leigh papercraft show recently, and bought one of her dies, or maybe 2 I cant remember, and eventually got round to cutting it , It was one of her Molly Moo Dies, a corner, which when I had seen it I thought Hmmn.....I wonder...........
So I put it through the machine, as you do, new die, dont know how it will cut, and Oh My Goodness!
I leapt onto the website, here, and ordered the rest of the dies she had! Then, as I do actually have Alys phone number, that was it, on the phone "Have you got any more Dies?When are they coming in, and oh I just placed an order.....blah blah blah"
Up shot of it was that she was filming the next day over at British Craft Network HQ, you know that new crafty fix I keep blathering on about? So why didn't I meet her there and grab the rest of my order, quicker than posting it out, etc.
So Next morning shot off to the BCN HQ, got lost on the way, had to be directed by phone, oh what a day that was!
Well I couldn't go empty handed could I? So the night before I quickly made this card, which I forgot to photograph, so this has been taken at Aly's for me, and emailed back, we did try to send it via phones, but I have trouble with photo's on a Blackberry, so that didn't work, and its taken sometime for us to manage to get the picture back to me!
I had seen the delicacy of the corner die, and immediately thought Snowflake! Which luckily Aly hadn't seen, though she did see flowers!
So the Corner die was cut 6 times, then scored from the 2nd 3rd and fourth points towards the centre, then lay one on top of the other, and offset them slightly, add a silver Pearl and hey presto, Half a snowflake!
The main image is one of Aly's stamps, from the aforementioned club, and came in a set. But I only used one, stamped in black soot, then stamped without re-inking. The main image was stamped with versamark, and silver embossed.
The whole point of the card was really to show off the snowflake, so I kept the card quite simple, a shaped card blank in Black, an layer of silver mirri embossed with Crafters Companion Snowflake folder, some black ribbon in the background, to break the shine of the silver, and the black white and silver topper matted onto black and silver mirri. The sentiment, came in the same set as the trees, and some clear glitter was added to the base of the trees, and the edges of the snowflake, though I think in future I will nick the white gel pen idea, so effective!
Now when you look at Aly's shows at the places where you can see her Face, you might spot this card in the region of her head, lol
But I have "stolen" loads of tips and ideas from the shows on BCN, some from Aly, some from Sharon at Glitter perfect, Rob Adams, Tricia, Sue, Mike and Ian, Kay Rutter, Kay Halliwell-Sutton, and am enjoying the slower more relaxed pace of shows on BCN. Such a nice change to sit and watch rather than stress out, and be hurried into making choices.
Now I am buying what I want to, not what I am being forced into, and I am a lot happier!

Right got some stuff to do, this has been a long labour of love with my dictation program, so I am off, to finally get some crafting done today.
I do have more from Aly, but those will have to wait until she has the items in her hand, and I will remember to photgraph them first!



Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The British Craft Network

Okay this starts this morning! NOW to 9 pm.
you can find it here: http://www.britishcraftnetwork.tv/

Looks like I have 2 sets of cards on todays shows, so watch for Aly Higginbottom, and Kraftyhands!

But to explain!

These are pre-recorded shows, by individual companies. Companies that you find at the shows, that carry a wide range of items of crafty goodiness! So they arent just going to be promoting one set of stamps or one paper pad, they will show us what to do with our stash! What they sell in their shops they will be selling on the BCN, so its not going to be confined to one area.

To order from the company you go to the directory page, and you will find a link to their webshop. Then you can browse to your hearts content.

Oh dear! It seems that so many of us crafters are trying to watch, that we have crashed the website!!! Boy is this anticipated! I am so pleased, that we now have another inspirational outlet to spend our hard earned pennies, with out the middle man!

Right I am going to go and keep pressing that re-fresh button!



Last Sneak Peek

This is the last sneak peek!
Today at 9am sees the launch of the British Craft Network, from 9 am to 9pm, on the internet!
To buy stuff from shows seen on the BCn you simply click on the links which will take you direct to the suppliers website. That means you buy direct from the suppliers, not through a third party!
Which also means that a savvy shopper can also avoid postal charges!!!
Spend the minimum each company sets, and you pay NO POSTAGE at ALL! Whoop, whoop, whoop! Spend under the companies minimum, and guess what, bet you'll pay less postage than from other sources!
So Back to today!
Kraftyhands will be on today with their New CD Butterfly Botanicals, which you can order direct from Kraftyhands, and this is my favourite card I made from the CD so I saved it until last!
 All the postcard toppers printed on photo paper, one backing paper re-printed, some of the bunting flags, some twine, a cut file I designed myself, and is available via the MTC gallery for free, and some real pressed flowers from Joanna Sheen, and thats what I ended up with!

Hope you can tune in at 9am for the launch of the BCN!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Sneak Peek 3

okay last sneaky for a few days, I am holding something special in reserve!

Todays offering is a simple Box

Last time I sent goodies into the Boys at Kraftyhands, everyone but Mike ate them, then left Mike an empty wrapper as the wrappers were pretty! Cheek!
So this time I sent some Amaretti in Mikes own chest, so he got them and others could not have any! Yes you lot you know who you are!!
The design was a silhouette studio online design, which I bought a while ago, its a pirates chest, but I cut it on the Zing, as it deals with heavier cardstocks than the Cameo.
then I simply printed off butterflies and backing papers, adding a bit of vintage photo distress ink, by Ranger, and some pearls for decoration.

So keep your eyes open next week, as the British Craft network internet channel starts on Wednesday at 9am!
In the meantime you can pre-order the Butterfly Botanicals CD here before it goes live on the BCN!



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

sneak Peak 2

Okay this ones a bit hard to see, so I'll try to make it a large picture, you'll understand why!

A lovely door hanger made from the Tags on the Butterfly Botanicals CD, It does say Welcome, and is more obvious in real Life, as its a good 4 feet in length. All I added were some Fairy silhouettes, cut on the Zing, and varied the finish on each panel, so some have glossy Accents, some are glazed all over with Embossing powder, some are glittered, and this is something I had to search DD for as she left the house, sure enough she had tried to sneak off with it! My response was "Make your own!"

So watch out for it on the British Craft Network which launches wednesday 1st October at 9am, an new way for us crafters to get our crafty fix via the internet. This is demo and technique heavy, not sales heavy like other programs!
You can buy the CD Butterfly Botanicals, on pre-order from the Boys at Kraftyhands, here



Monday, September 22, 2014

No solution to vision issues,

but I am now using a recording program, so this now stays at the top to explain why my posts are so very short and sweet

alternative die storgae

okay a couple of videos on a cheap and less weighty die storage solution

and heres part 2:

so now the link to the sheets I used here in the UK:

Its £4.44 with free p&p, cheaper than the magnetic sheets, less weight than the magnetic sheet and in my opinion more secure, the darned things were always falling off on me



Sneak Peek 1

Okay time for some sneak peeks! these are all from the upcoming release of the Butterfly Botanicals CD from the Boys at Kraftyhands.

 main central butterfly decoupaged, and glossy accents

I love butterflies, and my Dad used to collect them years ago, cruel, so he stopped!
But I grew up with Framed butterflies, and actually I have a pair of stuffed squirrels, incredibly ancient, and a stuffed Owl, all died of natural causes, dont worry!
But Back to butterflies, this type of artwork just reminds me of childhood, so heres a set piece using one of the 6x6 card making sets.
I added my own spin, by making the butterfly the insert, by cutting 4 slits top am bottom of the wings, then angling it so it sat in the cut out of the insert.
You can see this and more on the British Craft Network, which kicks off on 1st October, only on the internet at the moment, and see the other fab offers my Teamies have made.
You can also get a head on the web, and order a copy of the CD from the Boys at Kraftyhands direct, heres the link to pre-order it before it goes live!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

a couple of videos

Hello Girls and guys

Okay firstly I have to apologise for the wobbliness of these videos, Its been a while since I recorded videos, and I have changed the craft room around since I last did a video, so had to use a handheld camera this time, instead of my webcam.
The reason I did these videos was to help someone understand what was being talked about when people were using electronic cutting machines to make embossing folders or plates, so here's the link to the embossing Folders video


This next one is about using stuff you have cut on an electronic machine to create voids when using embossing folders, and I have just realised that I put the videos together wrong! so it starts at @4.50 mins, and the ends at the beginning, DOH!!! So fast forward to 4.50 , and then go back to the beginning!


I hope these short videos help you get the concepts behind using electronic machines to cut things to make embossing folders, and then also using the shapes from your cutting machines to make voids in an embossed piece of card for things like sentiments, or to avoid embossing in a certain area, say over a picture or such.


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Time for Autumn!

Well its starting to cool down, and the boys over at Kraftyhands have a new Challenge or 2 up their sleeves.
The First October 2014 marks the Start of something called the British Craft Network, 9am UK time.
The British Craft Network is intended to provide Demonstration and technique heavy programs, cutting out the middleman so to speak, and providing links to companies websites where you can buy direct instead of through a third party.
And if you're reading this post then you're in luck, you can get to see it!
Its an internet only channel, 9 am until 9 pm, not currently available via TV, but who knows.............maybe one day!
Its pre-recorded, and there's no sales pitch, which will make a change, but I think everyone should give this a good viewing. I think that the names that appear will be familiar to the UK viewers, and offer opportunities to new and small companies who cant afford to make it to the big screen.
So competition for good old C&C and hopefully more variety and ideas for us the crafty public!
I know I will appreciate it, as I don't get to go to too many shows a year, and we all know you can spend forever on the internet trying to find something new, but then you get distracted , and never finish what you started out to do!
But I have been busy, and yes for once, this is a longer post for me and my vision issues, I'll tell you at the end how long its taken my voice conversion program to write this for me, and perhaps you will understand why I don't "Do" long posts at the moment!
So Back to me, not posting much, keeping quiet, making Samples, and generally being driven to distraction by Hubby, Kids, Grandkids, Parents, Oh and the Furrbies, cant forget them!
But Back to Autumn, which is where I started!
The Challenge over at Kraftyhands this month is Autumn colours!
Easy enough for you guys! But I had to do Autumn using Kraftyhands goodies! Problem was where to start? I have 62 Kraftyhands Cds! (Okay if you haven't got that many and you think you have the lot, then theres some soon to be released! Hint Hint!)
So Autumn colours, which CD contents suit Autumn Colours?
Now do bear in mind that I can be quite literal! So autumn colours means find a CD that doesn't have flowers in Bloom, That isn't Christmassy, isnt pastel based, see where I have trouble?
So in the end I plumped for an old CD, The Bearies. Lots of Yellows, greens, browns and reds!
Now did I snag the right Photo? Phew yes, okay panic over!
8x8 card base, in a lovely bronzy pearlised colour, cut from the fold to the bottom corner.
Stippey paper from the CD, and cut the slits for the narrow Gold ribbon I threaded through.
Bearies Topper matted and layered onto Gold mirri, and Green card. Then I used a new transparent Glitter Fablon type vinyl to cover the central image, gives a lovely Yellow and green glitter, with none of the usual mess!
Tonic flourishes cut twice from Mirri and red card to create the offset, and a lovely paper mache leaf which I coloured with distress ink, Fired Brick, a Green Spectrum Noir pen, and a gold paint pen.
A square of lovely brown Patchwork patterned paper from the CD to line the inside, and jobs a gud 'un as my Dad would say! (Apparently thats a New Zealand saying which Dad picked up when he lived over there).
So what can you create for the Autumn Colours Challenge?

Right this has taken 1 hr 27 minutes to do!



Saturday, August 02, 2014

August Challenge at Kraftyhands

evenin all, short and sweet as I have used most of my eyesight allowance today! This month its a sketch, so why not have a go?
Pop over here to get the sketch!
We are having a look back at Dangerous Dinosuars CD this month, so if your stuck for what to do, then have a look at my Teamies cards