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Friday, May 04, 2012

Important Information on the Happycut by Artemio, A4 die cutting Machine.

Hi guys,

Well 2 things to talk about in this post................
1. Using the new Spellbinders M-Bossibilities folders
2. Make sure you are using the right plates for the ordinary Folders, Artemio's Information Booklet is WRONG!
1. I knew the new M-Boss folders were going to cause a bit of a problem, when Spellbinders had to release a new plate just for it! Then people started receiving them, and were asking me what plates to use, so I gave them 2 answers..........either a Cuttlebug B plate, or a piece of board, like some mount board.
Well I know I got one of the answers right as I received my M-boss folder today from MCS, and I used the Cuttlebug B plate, and it worked, yippee!
so sandwich for the M-boss is: Cuttlebug B plate, if you already have one, or they are only about £6.00 on the web for a pair, and one of the following plates:
A Plate, white, or
B Plate Black or
SP Plate Clear.
I have listed three plates, although I use the white A plate and the bug plate. This is because your machine might be a touch different to mine, due to the pressures in each machine. I work my Happy hard, you might not, mine goes through all sorts of trials, lol, you may take more care of yours, lol.

2. Sharon from Glitter Perfect has been in touch as well and would like me to make the Following REALLY CLEAR TO ANYONE OWNING A HAPPY CUT:
The information in the Box with your Happy Cut is WRONG!
Please watch the other videos I have done on the Happy, my pride and Joy, and pay attention to the sandwiches that I say you should use for the Embossing Folders and why! Information from Sharon suggests that my Embossing Folders Video is WRONG, in all but the last Part.
If you continue to use the information from Artemio, on how to use Embossing folders with your machine, you could damage your machine!

The correct sandwich is: Black B Plate and Clear SP plate, not the white A Plate and Clear SP Plate! Please switch to the black and clear plates instead.
Sharon wrote: " I love my machine too and only decided to stock it after I had my machine several months.  The documentation for the HappyCut is wrong however.  When using embossing folders, you should only use the Black Embossing plate and the SP Adapter Plate.  Continued use with the A Plate and the Black Embossing plate can strain the machine."

Hope this helps you, you can find links to my videos on the Happy in the top of the bar that runs down the <<<< Left of this page. over in the direction the arrows are pointing, <<<<
If you need help or have a question, then either leave a comment or you can find my Address on the contact me tab!




rachel said...

Thanks for that Lou - have been wonderng how to use these as they are just gorgeous! Hugs Rachel xx

Carrie said...

Hi Lou

Thanks for the update on using Mboss folders I do like the designs and will now buy some more as I was holding off till the sandwich was sorted so my Bank Balance says "Cheers"

Evamar said...

Hi there Lou, first of all, A BIG, BIG THANK YOU for your blog, lots of fantastic ideas and tricks. I'm thinking about getting a HappyCut I was almost decided to get a Joy Touvaille (??? not sure of the spelling!) but I heard about some issues and poor customer service. But then it seems that the HappyCut is actually an improved version of the JT, or at least that's the opinion of several crafters and they look the same -colours apart.

OK, my questions now, I would really appreciate your help here:

1.- I can see they sell quite a lot of A4 dies for the JT and was wondering if you have tried them on your HC? I'm particularly interested in the box dies as I love making little presents.

2.- Also, I have fallen in love with some Sizzix Big Shot Pro dies and wonder if they can be used in the HC?

If the answer is YES to both questions, I'll just forget about eating for a month and get me a gorgeous HC! Please excuse my poor English as I'm sure that I have made lots of mistakes, it's not my first language. Many thanks, Eva

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Hi Evamar, okay, as to the box dies, well I havent tried any of the JT dies, so I really couldnt say, however I do have Spellbinders box dies and they work fine. I have a variety of dies by different manufacturers, and have no problem with any of them.
As to the Bigz dies, the answer is no sorry. they dont go through the small gap, they are too deep. The flat sizzix dies, with the black plastic backs go through, but not the Bigz ones I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou
Thank you for all the information about happycut machines. Having read it I'm really interested in buying one, but i have just a couple of questions.
Does the info for M-Bossabillities apply to the Grand ones, and will the cuttlebug plates be big enough. if you have covered this I'm sorry for going over old ground. Many Thanks

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Hi Annonymous,
the info on the Mboss folders, applies to both the grand and the smaller ones. I would suggest using the cuttlebug B plates both of them sideways on so you get full A4 coverage with them, hope this helps,? If not leave a comment and I'll see what else I can come up with hun, good luck, xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou
thank you for replying to my questions about the Grand M-Bossabillities. I think I will be asking santa for a Happycut and a couple of bug plates!
a BIG thank you again for the advice and tutorials.

Stitchinwitch said...

Thank you, I was going loopy wondering what was wrong. Off to play with my embossing folders now.