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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

right you are NOT allowed to enter!!

Its mine, all mine!!!
go away, stop reading, shoo!!
you are not allowed to enter in any of these ways!!!

  • Stamp of the Month Member - 10 Entries
  • Pin it on Pinterest - 1 entry daily
  • Post on Blog - 10 Entries (must email us with the link to the post)
  • Post on Facebook - 1 entry
  • Post on Twitter - 1 entry
  • Spend $10 in the Pink by Design Store (accumulation starts 4/01/2012) - 1 entry per $10 spent
Contest ends 5/31/2012 or at our next release, whichever is sooner.  Winner must be 18 years or older.
so no posting to FB, no pinning to Pintrest, no blogging this what so ever you hear me, 



applejack cards by sue said...

You are a nutta!!! Ok, I promise not to enter, what was it I shouldn't be doing? Didn't quite get the bit about 'post on blog.. emailing with a link.' If I were to enter that would be the way I would do it. Coo...english is a tricky language.

Linda said...

Sorry hun but I already entered before I saw this :)!

I think you have lost the plot on this ROFL xxxx