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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yet more for MCS!!

Okay, Okay, not too much more I promise!!
Tomorrow see's the release of the New Products from My Craft Studio on QVC UK, and the end of the Swearing posts from me for a while!
So First today is a lovely card that came to me while playing around!
When I made the Tassel for the second card, I spread it out in various ways to see how it looked with various bits, as you do. This was a follow on from the white and red Poinsettia card, just using the poinsettia, and the twine to start with.
I cut the twine in strips of 2 1/2 inches, and frayed it all, applied loads of DST to a 3" circle, and spread it by twisting from the centre. Loads of Silicon Glue was used to secure the Poinsettia on top of it.
I must admit, what you are looking at is the second version of this card, I had a lovely Idea to make a circular frame, with an Acetate front to view the Poinsettia through, but I had to de-construct it, as it didnt work the way I wanted it to, Told you, I am an Honest Crafter!
So I had this circle with the Poinsettia, which I really liked, so what to do with it instead?
I will admit, that normally at night I craft in company, as my FG is on Skype and we craft away in different parts of the country, and I was messing around with this circle, Hmmn card, white, so out came an A5 folded card base, hmmn, okay some acetate? okay I liked it! so did FG, so I knew I was on the right track!
Okay Ribbon, over the top? yep that worked but it needed something to balance it..............
Not a die cut, but a sentiment, not too big, and maybe make a flat bow? FG was a bit confused at this point.
Aha! Tonic Studio did some decorative staples! I have the kit, now do I have a Christmassy Sentiment,? Nope, Nope, that's Halloween, Nope, No, aha!
Oh B****r! its RED! Need a white, need a white, Blast No White!!!!
Okay, like it but it has to be WHITE!! what have I got that can turn it white?
Okay actually Saturday, whilst waiting for the removal van to return, we were helping DD move house back home, I made an excuse to visit a little Craft/Nursery shop in Featherstone, and I had already been frustrated by the fact that my White pigment ink pad had died on Friday night when the Kit arrived, so was after a new one, and picked up a nice white dye based pad, aha!!
Out it came, once hubby was safe in bed, as he didnt know I had been crafty shopping, oops! And I dabbed, and embossed and Dabbed and embossed, you can tell I was determined to turn this red staple white cant you? lol.
So eventually I had a white Happy Xmas Staple, yippee!
FG was still abit confused, by the Flat bow business, I guess I hadnt explained it very well, so out came the pins, to pin everything in place while I tried to persuade the staple machine to avoid the pins, and staple in the right place without moving the ribbon....easier said than done!
But eventually I did it! A flat bow, with a flat centre! Now just to stick it all together! Finished! "Tah dah!" I said.
Only to discover I had made an Australia card!!!! Oh NO!!!!!!! For those of you in Australia it would be an England Card, upside down!!
Out came the guillotine! And actually it does look very good with the small red edge to the white, ties it all nicely together, phew!!
Well that was a card and a half wasn't it, now how many of you are going to be honest and admit you've done it all too?

Hugs to all, especially my new followers, thanks for joining in, xxx




Linda said...

I am loving this Lou, loving the red and white together and the embellishments are fabulous.

Linda xxx

Cheryl said...

oh this is really beautiful Hun,love how you have used those gorgeous ribbons,hugs Cherylxxxx

sparklingblackrose said...

This is really pretty :-) Elaine-xxx-

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Really pretty, I love the poinsettia
Lindsay xx

Danie May said...

This is really pretty, I love all the sparkly red and your beautiful poinsettia. xx