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Monday, January 23, 2012

1st Post for BPMS Design Team

Well as you may be aware I went applying for design Teams a few weeks ago, and this is my first post for Black Pumpkin's Messy Studio.

I was given a choice of images, and I chose this one to make my first card with.
 It took a while to do, as I loved the Zentangle on it, and decided to blow it up in My Craft Studio to A4 size, print it out and then colour it.
When printing off a digi image there's 2 ways to get the ink to cure off, that I am aware of: Walk away and leave it, (Not generally an option for me as I am an Impatient crafter!), or dry it with a heat gun (Generally what I do!).
This time though I did leave it overnight, as I knew once I started I wouldnt be able to stop, and it was gone 10pm!! 
So the next day I started colouring in.............did lunch, coloured in..........., did dinner, coloured in............, think you get the idea!!
Eventually I had finished, so now the next question was what to do with it? This happens to me a lot, as I dont tend to go at a project with a plan in mind, but just go with the flow, and adapt on the way! So I had a large coloured flower on a sheet of A4.........do I colour a background , do I create a background, do I cut it out, do I alter it? All these things went through my mind, and ideas came and went.
So I cut it out, as I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it.....

A friend of mine from a forum, has been very Poorly, and only managed to get in touch with us old worry warts, via an email to the Studio at C&C and Martyn Parker. As soon as us old worry warts heard the news we were all over the forum, trying to find out what had gone on, and beat the poor lady to the posts. She has been very ill, but thankfully is now recovering from some very major surgery, and the look on this flowers face just makes me think of how she must be feeling at the present moment, so it had to be a get well card!

I popped into my craft studio for some backgrounds, and the ever versatile and popular A very Important Date (Set around Alice in Wonderland), was my first choice. I chose one of the backing papers, with a quote from Lewis Carol "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense."

It matched the colours I had chosen for the flower, and the wording was apt, so I stuck it to some heavy weight card stock, A3 size, then stuck the flower to the front, and cut it out, creating a shaped card.
I added the Caterpillar and Mad Hatter Characters, and went hunting for verses to cheer her up. I found a couple of suitable ones on Verses 4 cards, and printed one off as an insert, about the joys of..............okay okay, yes it was Chocolate!
And another about cards making you feel better.
Then a few drops, well okay a lot of drops of Anita's 3D glaze, and let it dry, while I used my edgebilities Bracket die, to cut the front greeting, and rolled the edges over with a toothpick, to create a scroll effect, then placed it on the hands of the caterpillar and the Mad Hatter.

Hopefully this will bring a smile to her face, and we all wish her a speedy recovery, and quick return to crafting




LJ's said...

Wow love it hun xxxx

Sheen said...

This is so much fun, Lou, and I'm sure it will make your crafting friend smile forever and a day!
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x

BlackPumpkin said...

I'm sure she will be glad to receive it!! You did a great job!! this is one of my favorite digi stamps. I used it and some other for my Christmas gifts, and my relatives were very happy to receive them.
Thank you very much!!

BlackPumpkin said...

Forgot to tell you that I'm writing a blog post about that. :)

Linda said...

Lou this is gorgeous! I love the flower and adding the mad hatter and the caterpillar was very clever. I am sure our friend will love this.

Linda xxx

Prudence Puddleduck said...

I love Alice and I love your work...so your friend will definitely feel much better with all that love and magic you have put into this gorgous card.............♥Debi

Anonymous said...

Lou I really like this one great take on the image xx

she3655 said...

WOW i love this one ....xx

Marleen said...

a really fun card, love it xxx

Kalpesh said...

BPMS Design Team is amazing as it helps me to get the sort of information was needed by me. I am thankful to get your article when was searching BPM

Kalpesh said...

BPMS Design Team is amazing as it helps me to get the sort of information was needed by me. I am thankful to get your article when was searching BPM

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

This is brilliant, I love the sunflower, it reminds me of those vitalight commercials with the singing sunflowers, Your card has so much character
Lindsay xx