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Monday, January 16, 2012

Witching Hour version 2

Witching Hour version 2 by Heather Valentin, over at Scrapbook Stamp Society has taken a full day to do!
Its not that its overly complicated, just that here's a lot of colouring in to be done!!
Here it is:

No.....the picture is perfect you're not seeing things, and you dont need an eye test!! Its a double Gate-fold card!
Okay so you still dont believe me?

Here......... this make you happy?
Nasty Witch.....................................

Nice Witch...........................

Human Witch........................

Get it now?

I printed her off 3 times, slightly smaller than A5, onto some Centura Pearl Paper, as it tends to bleach the printed ink a bit, and to do what I wanted to do, I didn't want the lines too bold.
So now to colour, I started by colouring the first face half nice, half nasty, trying to blend the 2 sets of colouring together, a little bit tricky, but possible as I kept nasty Witch's face and skin mainly white, I was quite surprised that the Pearlescent sheen shows through the Promarker ink as well as it does. Splitting the face in half is easy as Heather has given clues as to where the change occurs, and you just need to keep your eye on the line under the nose, and the Peak of her hairline, doing the hands was trickier!
If I listed all the Promarkers I used we could be here for a week!!, So I am not going to, I leave it up to your imagination, as I have now given you 3 images of Witching Hour for inspiration.

What I am going to do, is to explain how I did the double Gate-fold, which was very tricky!! Laying aside the Human Witch picture for a bit, we need to cut the Nasty and Nice Witches up! I said Put Human Witch to one side for a  minute, Do Not cut it!!
Firstly, the main image is easy to cut, just line up on the Peak of the hair, and the line under the nose with a ruler. You have your cutting line.........but before you proceed consider how people are going to open the card? I used the cloak clasp at her neck, and on one version I cut round it to the left, and on the other I cut round it to the right, as they are cut in different directions, it makes it easier to lift the flaps without taking the middle version with the top one when you open it! But you could use the Vial stopper, or a fingernail.
Next mount them on some card, I used a silver Mirri embossed card, but dont cut out the hollow where the stopper is missing, as you need that to form the lip the stopper top will fall on. BUT do cut round the Stopper on the other half!!
The I matted them onto some more card, you really want it to be strong, as its going to be pulled alot on. So that done, I needed to start building the card itsef!!
For the outside I used a Dark Grey pearlescent card, and placed the larger of the sides right up against the edge of the card-stock, trying to be reasonably even with the top and bottom Borders. Next came Nice witch, and again using the larger of the pieces lined it up with the edge of the image, now take the Nice Witch and leave a margin to the side, not too big, but big enough to give some sense of placement, and score or mark it. And then Fold it, and burnish it, remember its got an outer Jacket to go on so the creases need to be strong!, Now place some DST on the back of Human Witch, and just lift the corner tapes, so that you are able to move the image without it sticking, and can press it into place when your happy with it, and slide it under the Nice Witch, lining up the facial features. You don't want it to be out of line as the image is supposed to flow from one part to the next. When your happy that its exactly right, then press down, and remove the rest of the backing of the DST by pulling on the exposed edges,
 here just in case I have you all confused....

Okay? All as clear as mud, then I shall proceed........

So now we need to concentrate on applying the second half of the image, so make sure that you have the same amount of Margin on the other side of Human witch, and score (it doesn't matter if the card is too big, we can trim it), and fold, now we need the edge of the card to meet EXACTLY the cut edge of Nice witch, If it doesn't, (and mine didn't!!) then cut a piece from another sheet of the same card stock, and extend it until it does. If you need to trim, then fold it onto Human witch, and then fold the image of Nice Witch over on top of it, and mark it with a knife.
See easy! hehehe I'm a masochist I know!! Trim, and add the slimmer of the two sides, trying to get the middle to meet and line up as close as you can.
Okay, so that's number one done, just one more to do..... and just do exactly the same as before , If your card stock was too short before, it's likely that it will be again, so this time, as you will be able to see it more, extend along the back of the card. Leave a bit of a margin to the next card layer, so that it will close properly, too close and it wont shut!!!
So tutorial over, back to the description.................

I needed images for the inside of the card flaps, and they had to be of a matching theme, so back to Jem's Designs, for images from the Spell Bound Cd, I found three that were suitable, one an insert, one a book mark, and one a plain topper, I resized them in My Craft Studio, and added sentiments............." A spell for thee on thy Birthday" and "Knowledge".  Then as I was struggling for a Nice witch images, having already used the Bookmark, and insert from the same design, I ended up looking at Debbie More's CD, Medieval Magic, where I used the Autumnal witch, holding the Moon.
These images were stuck to the inside of the cards, matching, good with good, and nasty with nasty. Then as I needed some thing to make sure that it all seemed to flow together I used a Roll of Silver textured leaf peel off, I would tell you who it was by at this point but RIO has eaten the packaging...............Rrrrrrio!!!, no he's hiding!! (For those of you who are not in the know, so to speak, Rio/Tank is our 10 mth old Rottwieller pup, soon to be deceased!! Only Kidding, but the sooner Hubby builds my gate for me the happier I'll be!!!). As it was a roll, there is no join going from one page to the other, and makes it flow better, ties it all together nicely, even across the Plain Back of the card, where I will put a square of Card so it can be written on.
Right this has taken for ever to write, well okay, I did have to cook Dinner, and eat it, so it just seems like it has been forever, and now to post it, as I know Heather Valentin is desperate to see it properly, Heather hun, next time, can you do it a bit more central, pretty please? xxx

Hopefully, you like her and like what I have done with her, and you will pop to the Scrapbook Stamp Society, and get her from Here and have a go your self, I do have ideas about trying it on acetate, and all sorts, but I'm not going to do that to Witching Hour, I will wait for Heather to come out with a new one so I can Play some more!
Love it, hate it, let me know what you think!


This is entered in the Anything Goes Challenge, #58 Here


Judie aka Craftymess said...

this is such a great project I really love it xx

Linda said...

Oh my goodness Lou this is AWESOME!!!! No wonder it took you ages to do it! I love it! Fabulous colouring too of the good and bad.


ps this could be my birthday card mwah xxxx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Fab project, really different and a brilliant idea
Lindsay xx

BlackPumpkin said...

WOW! This is one of the most beautiful projects I've ever seen!! Amazing!

Congarts for becoming part of BPMS Design Team!!!! Please, send me an email where I can mail details. Have a great week!

LJ's said...

Wow lou this is amazing hun xxx congrats on DT hun xxx :)

Sheen said...

What stunning work, Lou! This is simply breathtaking. I am truly in awe of such talent and creativeness. This is crafting at a higher level.
Hugs, Sheenagh x

Gaynor said...

Very nice, I like this idea, thanks for sharing with us at Anything goes, hope to see you again soon, Gaynor DT :)

Cheryl said...

This is gorgeous great image love the layout bless you for playing at anything goes this week hugs Cheryl xxx