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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Haha!! See ..........

Hubby stated, " you have over £5000 of craft **** in here, and you're making Pomanders from After Eight Wrappers, I give up!!"

Please note here how I have suffered for my "art"!! I had to work my way through 3, yes 3, Boxes of After Eights to create this for you!! 60 After Eights I had to eat to show you this!!! 60!! no wonder I feel ill!!

So again, as with the White Lady Gwendolen version, 60 squares of paper (After Eight Wrappers), folded in half, to form the triangles, then folded some more,  and glued with my new hot glue gun, and then 5 later, form them in to a flower, and then when you have 12 flowers, you start sticking them together!!

then a quick spray with some Crafters companion Stick and Stay, roll it in the Glitter Station, add the clear Gems, thread a bit of Silver Ribbon through the centre, (From the Christmas cake), add a couple of beads, and hey presto, another "Pomander" as Hubby calls it!!


Enfys said...

Wow, these are just spectacular. Step by step tutorial please! Happy new year
Enfys x

NGCARDS said...

You have a wonderful blog hun! Good Luck with our DT Call over at Creative Inspirations! xxx

Sam said...

OMG!!!! And you dare to have a go at me for eating fingers that I did NOT eat!! And I can see a crisp packet at the back!!!!
That is fabulous!! Even Hubby is impressed.
The joke is I have a dish specifically for After 8s and he forgot to bring a box home!!
Haa Haa!

applejack cards by sue said...

Hiya, these really are so pretty! Now you know I would have helped with the after eights...anything for a friend.

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hehe, brilliant idea, these look fantastic
Lindsay xx

Shoshi said...

Lol lol ROFL!!! Roared with laughter at this one!!! What a hoot. Hubbies don't really understand, I'm afraid! (although mine's very good!!) Whatever he may say, these are nothing short of stunning! Pomanders are traditionally meant to smell nice, and I bet these do - I love the smell of After 8 wrappers!! What a fabulous project.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and for your encouragement re the encyclopaedia CDs - I will have a good look at them and delve a bit deeper. I haven't done much CD crafting, preferring to do my own stuff, but sometimes it just takes so long, and I thought if I could use a few backgrounds and get some useful templates it would be good.

Happy New Year, and happy WOYWW,

Sue from Oregon said...

A gorgeous craft...each picture gets prettier and prettier! Such patience!

Di said...

Fabby pomander and I did roar about all the After 8's - plus I also spotted the crisp packet at the back! Wow, you have the patience of a saint - and am now beginning to suspect you were actually little Pauline at school if you really ate all those chocs :)) Have a great day Di xx

Linda said...

Brilliant, I think I need to get a few boxes myself and try this. Amazing work as ever Lou.

Linda xxx

Ali H said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & these After Eight creations are brilliant ! Good job I,m allergic to chocolate or I might have been munching a couple of boxes to make these !!

Droxie said...

Wow Lou, what a great idea. My hubby has finally offered to help with my crafting after seeing this Lol

Andrea x

MaggieC said...

Sorry I did not manage to get round to you for the 4th January, but I managed it a week late. I love your recycling of the After Eight wrappers. They would fit well with the UIU in 2012 challenge. Sorry your message from yesterday did not get through, but thank you for coming back. Maggie #105