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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L8 card

Well I was posed a right doozey today.............make a number, a large one in height and decorate it. HUH?

What on earth am I going to do with that I thought!!
It had to be over 3" in height, and decorated!!!! You have to be kidding!!!

So, thinking cap on, not easy when you are doped to the max with painkillers, as Mr Bursitis has decided to pay a visit, so even moving the little finger is painful, but...............thought I did, long and hard, and eventually came up with text speak, you know when kids substitute letters in a text or email, as they are too lazy to write the words properly, L8 was conceived!!
and its all for Ditzy-Craftymess, ta guys!!
so here's my paltry offering...........
a 5 3/4 inch card base, 350 gsm,
Backing paper from an A5 sheet, The Finishing touch by My Craft Studio, 
Purple Whisper Pen ink, 
A Happy Birthday stamp, 
Some flower stamps from I have no idea where
Some flowers made with tonic punches, 
A few flowers from my stash, 
Some mirri board, and a piece of ribbon

So first cover the card base with the backing paper, making sure that the notice board is central, and trim. As I dont have exactly the right shade of lilac/purple, I had to improvise, luckily I invested in some of the Whispers pens, just after the NEC show, and I had the right shade! Lots of colouring and huffing L8r I had the background stamped with Happy Birthday! , then onto creating the number 8.......Out came Mr Happy, and the Sizzix circle dies, as I am totally Pants at cutting circles! So hang the piece of card over the edge of the cutting plate, tape into position, and the do it again using a smaller circle to overlap, and create the figure 8, Then the smallest circle die, (artistically placed please note)  and cut the holes in the figure 8. Ok now to cover it in flower stamps. These came from my huge wooden box of 50 stamp's I got from Amazon last year, but I have no idea whos stamps they are as it doesnt say!! So huff and puff and colour, and huff, and colur, oh and some puffing, as I was trying to catch my breath, more huffing and colouring, and more puffing, and finally it was covered with the Flowers design, phew!!
Ok but I needed more, so cut the L out of some holographic Mirri Board, to the same height as the 8, and sit and catch my breath and do some more thinking!! So Flowers was the predominating theme, ok so root out some of my graduated card stock, and start punching, now dont ask me which Tonic punches they are as I get very confused with them!! Janelle, and something I think, but I could be wrong! and start rolling and gluing the flowers together, then raid the stash for some professionally made flowers, to intersperse with my home made ones as I could be there all night, a bit of bling in the form of some "pearl" beads, stick it all down, add a bit of white holographic ribbon, to tie it all together and I am done, phew!!

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