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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Template/Design given to Jem's Designs

Ok I think everyone has by now heard of Hunky Dorys Theft of My Quad Twisted Easel Design, which I posted Yesterday.
My whole Issue with this was the fact that I had gone to Hunky Dory with the Original design, so that if they liked the idea, they could take it and run with it, for no charge, instead of which It was looked at as if it was total Trash, and then replicated WRONGLY as their own tutorial! No credit for the original design was given not even a "wow, thats Great".
So I am giving notice that I am GIVING my Circular Quad Twisted Easel Design to Jem's Designs, and as such I pass my Intellectual Rights to this design to: 
Susan M Andrews  
Lucerne high lane
nr alford  
LN13 9NR
With Effect Immediately.

For those of you who have already tried practicing the design, from the tutorial on my Blog, apologies, but can you please wait until Jem's Designs has released it. 
I am now removing the post.
I have no issue with bloggers using my designs, but when a company takes that design, does it wrongly, and tries to pass it off as something they thought up with out my permission or explicit consent, then I get upset, that is why I have given the design to Jem's designs. 
Again If you use my designs then could you please link back to me in your posts, and let me know so I can pop along and see it through some one else's eyes, 

Thanks guys, 




Di said...

Good for you!! Di xx

Linda said...

Well done Lou