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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


so Its Wednesday, and time for me to be a Craft voyeur! Oh doesn't that sound naughty! But there's probably about 200 of us that turn into Voyeurs every Wednesday on a regular basis, gaining inspiration, and writing "Need" lists, and if you fancy being a Voyeur then you need to Pop over to the hostess with the Mostest, Miss Julia's and get your self on the list!
So you will have come here from Miss Julia's, so lets get down to the dirty bit!.................

I know, I Know, its a Mess!! In my defence, I have been a little bit busy, which is why I didnt join in on the WOYWW last week, when it was nice and tidy.
I got invited to be on 4 Design Teams in a matter of days, Stamp n Doodle's Tutorial Team, Black Pumkins Messy Studio, Scrapbook Stamp Society, and Paper Crafting Journey and have been getting to grips with various projects, and ideas, everything is done, for now, apart from one which goes live today, and you might catch a sneaky peek if you can sort through the mess on my desk!!
So What can we see?
My Labeller,  my tub of feathers (That got a battering the other day!), A magnetic sheet I found when I was sorting through stuff for my Blog Candy, heat gun, glue gun, glitter tub, empty tub of Pringles, still waiting to be decorated, its been there since Boxing day (Ooops!), my New ATG (What a good deal I got on that as well, and I wouldnt have known about it if I hadnt WOYWW'd!), and bits that now need sorting back into thier respective tubs, boxes and jars, (I guess I'm having a tidying up day today!), and the detritus from various DT and sample projects from the last week or so. Do watch C&C at 6pm tomorrow Night as some of my samples should be on the 6pm show.........

So thats my mess! in all honesty it looks worse than it actually is, lol, and it will be done and dusted straight after the school run this morning, so I can get on with other projects and hopefully join in with the Challenge at Ditzycraftymess today, so i had better get a move on, 

Will pop over and see everyone later, have fun guys, and if you have no Idea, then pop over Miss Julia's, add you name to the list and be prepared to do a world tour of everyone's desks.

Happy WOYWW every one,



Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Lou, ah do lve a crafty mess and so gree with you about the ATG gun had a good deal on mine and was told about it by a WOYWW-er in oz! how good is WOYWW, huh! thanks so much for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #26

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Creative minds are rarely tidy, i always like to quote! And your desk shows you are plenty creative! Have fun cleaning!! Patsy from

jude said...

Congratulations on all your DT posts.Dont know where you find the time.And time to start clean your desk ...feel ashamed at mine hoprfully next month i will start to spring clean it!http://l00pyscraftcreations.blogspot.com/

Princess Judy Palmer said...

DUSTED too? I'm impressed. I understanding tidying but dusting might be taking it to a level I'm not willing to go. I enjoyed the visit to your desk and seeing what fun things were happening in the rubble. You know it got that way having fun.

markkfinn said...

The idea of this Weblog is to keep a diary for myself of things I have done, and to show how things can be achieved. I do lots of CD crafting, and also kit crafting, and try my hand at anything.

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Brenda B said...

Well first of all congrats on gaining entrance to the elusive DT club!! Well done you. I think that because of your good news this week I'll let the state of your desk slide, lol! Can't believe the amount of goodies you're offering for your candy!! It might be nice to share the love a little and have a big prize and maybe two smaller ones too, you've certainly got enough stuff there for more than one person!! It matters not to me as I'm overseas, but it might be worth thinking about!!

Brenda 99

...the yorkshire fox... said...

Hi...amazing news on the DT front, your gonna be a very busy lady...Mel :)

Sheen said...

OMG, Lou...lol! I am anxious for you...cannot "do" mess...yikes!
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x

Neet said...

I love mess on a desk - mess = creativity. Right!
Lovely DT card you have done.
Thanks for commenting on my blog - sorry I am so late but lots of friends keep coming to see me and then tonight I did an English Dinner. Hugs, Neet #6

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Most of the time, being busy is good. The desk will withhold your stuff until you just have to tidy up!! Have a great week

Chrizette said...

Thank you for visiting my WOYWW :) I LOVE your table! This is the way it is supposed to look when you love crafting (in my eyes anyway).
BTW congrats on your DT appointments! One day . . . one day that is my dream anyway :)
Celestial Things

Katie said...

A messy desk is well loved desk! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

Happy WOYWW (on Thursday!)

Katie said...

Oh - also, it is a sewing self healing mat, I think its 36 x 24 inches! It is a life saver for the top of my desk, and super easy to clean with some warm water and a paper towel (great for when I get ink everywhere!)