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Monday, January 09, 2012

Its hit the screens!!

Well guys and girls, my Quad Twisted easel has hit the screens today, so check out the Tutorial here for how to do it!!

Diane of My Craft Studio, has promised to have it standing properly tomorrow, as she got quite soundly told off today, lol, love you Diane!! If you want to see it then you need to watch the My Craft Studio 4 Day Deal shows on Create and Craft! Here's a couple of piccies of other quad easel cards I have made, as I didnt actually have time to Photo the card that was shown on C&C, as it was a rush job!!

Tomorrow I know Diane intends demo'ing one of my cards, the Smudge New Baby Card, you cant miss it, as it is Red, and has wooden Dummy and Safety pin on it, again, I dont have a photo!! Boy was it a rush job, 12 hrs notice!! And then in the post!! But that was my news that I had to keep under my hat!!

Hope those of you who caught or aim to catch a glimpse will let me know what you think, in the meantime, I had better get a move on with my Octagonal Twisted Easel Tutorial, xxx


Elizabeth said...

Hello Loo, well, me and the cat did sit down to watch the MCS demos but we mustn't have been concentrating because I missed your card ... we promise to pay better attention next time. The card does look quite complicated to make and your samples are lovely. Congratulations for getting them on telly :)Elizabeth

Sheen said...

Hello, must try to catch it on the show as I'm sure it is amazing as are those posted above. Clever lady!
Hugs, Sheenagh x