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Friday, January 06, 2012


Well the title of the post says what I have been working on today..........

Its actually the first time I have ever made a Wordbook!! Ok I know its simple compared to what some of you out there can produce, but I dont think its too bad for a first try! After all we all have to start somewhere!!

So, where did I get this? As most of you might have guessed from reading my posts, I do a lot of CD crafting, and have thousands of images from one particular Company, My Craft Studio, which was where I found this.....but it took some finding, flicking though all the folders of art work on my pc, could I spot any wordbooks? No of course not!! Yet I knew they were in there!! Okay then, I thought get windows to do a search for me....................yep you can see where this is going cant you..................2 hrs later, it was still searching!! And it hadnt found any!! Stupid windows!!
So onto the My Craft Studio Club Forum, I am a Platinum member, so can chat to the lovelies in there, who I know will help me out...........Post asking where it is.
Back to the windows search, I am really fed up by now, and halt the search thinking, one of the club will come back to me with an answer!
Next day, open the MCS program, to have a bit of a play, as it tends to be where I start a project, and scroll through the folders, right to the botoom, guess what? Yep there's a folder named Wonderful Wordbooks!! DOH!
So call off the hunt on the forum, and dive into the folder, hmmn, what to choose........Thanks seemed appropriate and will fit in with a couple of Blog Challenges I spotted, but I didnt like the sepia tone the original image had, so off to my effects tab, and change them all to monochrome, by adjusting the saturation, print it all off, and start cutting and sticking the pages together.

So now I have 6 pieces of Black, white and grey card, too monochrome, sorry!!

So out come the Promarkers, getting a bit of a beating just lately, and try to distinguish what the pattern is, took some finding, but I started on the letter T, and grabbed the Red promarker, and started coloring the Poppy in. Only I didnt realise it was a Poppy at the time, sigh! Then thought hmmn, whats that lumpy bit, and that one,? ended up with them all spread over the Workdesk, squinting at the pictures, until I realised what I was looking at, ok ok I know you lot know, but I didnt at the time!!! So out came the Spring Green, and Henna colours as well to pick out the stems, buds, and seed heads.

Ok so FINALLY the pages are done, now to do the letters................I want to Keep the red theme going, but obviously I need some other colour, so Yellow, and orange to blend to the red? Ok give that a go, as its only card, and ink, its not made of gold, so I can throw it away if I dont like it, remember that ladies, as I really hate throwing card away!!! Notice me not paying any attention to what I preached!!

Eventually the colouring of the letters is done, but I'm not too happy with the Orange, a bit too brassy for me, so tone it all down with the Blender pen, only now the yellow and red are too faded, so colour again with the red and yellow, could go on for a while...........
Eventually call it a day, and start punching the holes for a small piece of Ribbon I found, root a Heart Charm out of my Stash, it came out of a cracker in 2010 and I knew it would come in handy one day, tied it, and basically thought enough is enough!!

So Opinion ladies, like or dislike?

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Linda said...

LOL Lou! I like it very much, fabulous Thank You word book and I do so love poppies too!

(tongue in cheek) are you going to send that to me? mwah xxxx

Linda xxxx

Sheen said...

Hello, Lou, sorry I've not visited in a while but you know me, always got something on the go here at samples mansion...lol! I think your Thank You wordbook is superb...so there! I love the colours you eventually came up with and it's all coordinated perfectly...clever lady!
I am laughing at your narrative as to how it all developed and thinking how many of us go through pangs of agony whilst creating what looks relatively simple to an unknowing viewer...lol! Little do they realise, ha ha!
Hope you are well, and more creative power to you, my friend.
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x

Bianca said...

What a lovely card! Thank you for joining us at Fairy Tale Challenge! xx Bianca

jo said...

wow, you have been busy! Thanks for joining in with Fairy tale challenge this time!

Chrissie said...

Goodness me... such determination and dedication... and the overall effect is stunning!
Thanks so much for joining us at "Less is More" and I hope you'll be joining in with our new challenge too!
"Less is More"


Hi Lou
A gorgeous card,thankyou for joining us this week at CraftyCatz
Hugs Dianne xx

NGCARDS said...

A wonderful card hun! Thanks for joining in with our challenge of 'With Thanks' over at Creative Inspirations! xxx

Becky said...

you made a lovely card. thank you for joining us at fairy tale challenge. hugs, becky

Emma said...

What a gorgeous card...really lovely.
Good luck and thank you for joining us over at Sarah Hurley Challenge Blog...
Emma x

Nela said...

Totally adorable!
Great idea!
Thanks for playing along with us at Fairytale Challenge!
xx Nela