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Friday, January 06, 2012

Card from a freebie by Black Pumpkin

Well blog hopping as you do, and I came across this cat!! Seriously, she sat there in the middle of my screen staring at me!! So I took her out of the screen and put her onto a card!!

Every time I look at her I see a different expression, its really weird!!
So Downloaded her from Black Pumpkins site, here and at first thought, looks like the cats got the cream. Then looking in disgust at a plate of Rabbit food, and so on until, I came upon the Cheshire Cat in My Craft Studios A very Important Date. Now I do apologise, but the 2 of them seem made for each other, so I had to go for Valentiney type stuff, all the yewky things, like kissing, and day dreaming, and things no self respecting woman would do about any man, well ok, I do have a weakness for a certain Mr Connery, ok ok and a Mr Cruise, well ok then!!! Loads of them!!!

So into MCS she came, to be with her Paramour, so music, floaty dreamy stuff was called for. Luckily A Very Important Date is a very surreal type of disk, being based on Alice, and I swear that Caterpillar is so stoned he couldnt smoke straight, how did they get away with it back then?
So in the backing papers on Cd one I spotted this floaty background, loads of promise, no substance if you get where I am going with this, all dreamy and romantic, Ideal for the 2 love birds.....

then I thought well no actually I dont want him right there with her like that people could get the wrong impression you know, so off I trotted to the Artists Collection, again by MCS, as I knew that there was some "bubbles" in there, having done a frantic route round 3 of the CD's last night, (waiting for the all clear before I come clean, lol.)
So bubble in hand off I trot back to the 2 love birds, (why cant she see he's Mr Smarmy?), and pop him in to a bubble to stop him getting his wicked way with her!!

Then a sentiment, something suitably sloppy and yewky.............so off I trot, feeling a little happier this time, as I know there wont be any miniature Cheshire cats with Grey fur trotting around inside my screen by the time I get back, into More than Just words Vol 3. Hmmn nope not that one, not that one, scroll to the bottom of the page and finally I find one.
Out comes the old Mr Happy, and the Spellbinders Fancy Tags 2, and cut and emboss the sentiment, adding a touch of Purple ink through the die to take the edge off it. Add a few Ribbons from the stash, a couple of Butterflies, not that she's noticing them at all look at her, little hussy!! a bit of Crystal Accents, and mount it all up layered onto Lilac, and pink card...........Do you think I out to tell her not to hold her hopes on him?

No I havent been drinking, and no I havent taken the wrong tablets, but thats where my thought process went!!! Sorry thats the sort of mood I am in tonight!!


BlackPumpkin said...

Eheheh! Loved to read your post! :)
Thank you so much for using my freebie! You did a great job!!!

Linda said...

Love reading your blog Lou, I feel like you are next to me as I read!!!!!! Fab story teller you would make!! Love the card and the little pussy cats looks fabulous.

Linda xxxxx

Carolyn Dube said...

What fun! Love the card and the story behind it!

Sheen said...

Super card, Lou. I love the story behind it and your thought process is faultless as you are in full creative flow. You make visiting your lovely blog so much fun.
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x
Ps I would love to have the MCS badge on my blog a) may I copy, b) how do I copy it? Lol x