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My Adaptions and designs



Ok to start, this is intended as a tutorial page, I provide the basic instruction/template on how to create one of my designs, or the adaptions to an existing template, and you go away and run with the idea.
However, it would be appreciated if you would acknowledge my Creativity when you Blog about things you have created from my designs. 

First on the list or last depending how late you view this page is my Quadruple Twisted Easel, a Stand alone Card with 4 Facing plates, so that designs can be viewed all the way around. However, this does NOT use any Stoppers, as the 4 parts hold each other up. Here are some examples................

Firstly you need:
 3 Sheets of  Squared card. Ideally a good sturdy 300-350gsm plain card for the base, and 2 sheets of a coloured or patterned card for the Twisted easels (This doesn't have to be as strong, a 200-250gsm card will do). 
A good strong DST or wet Glue.
A score Board.
4 Toppers no larger than a quarter of the Squared card base each. IE if you card is 8x8" then your toppers should be no more than 4x4" each.
Embellishments, Dies, Peel offs as you see fit.

For this I am going to assume that your dimensions are 8x8", you can adjust the size as you desire, just remember your dimensions as you work this through for the first time.
Make sure the 3 sheets are completely Square and the same size! Or when you have finished you will be slightly out and have to trim. Putting the base card to one side for a moment, cut the patterned or coloured card in half down the middle, so that you end up with 4 strips of card. Each strip of Card will measure 4x8".

For the purposes of illustration, each of my card is a different colour, so you can see what you are looking at...so now you should have this.

Next take the 4 strips and score across width of the middle of each card strip,

Now you need to interlink them as this photo shows, if it helps you want it to look like the top of a box whose flaps you have closed. The back of one edge goes under the front of the preceding edge at right angles.

Now this on my measurements, is an 8x8" square. Exactly the same as the base card.

Now remove each of the strips and score diagonally from the folded line to the corner, so that when you lay them back down they form a Diamond like this...........
If you have scored the wrong way the designs will finally face inwards, but all going round in the same direction, the idea is to get them to face outwards

So they need to look like this.

When you have got this straight in your head, (as the number of times I have got it wrong, and I designed it!!!) then you can proceed to gluing or using some DST to stick them down onto the stronger base card. Only stick the 4x4" square, not the part that is scored diagonally!

Next flip the card over onto its back and have a look to see if any bits are overhanging, you can trim at this point, before you apply the toppers, if you need to.
The rest is then up to you! You can layer as you want, and dont be afraid of using circles, as it still works. It folds flat for posting, and there is always the back to Decorate if you want. Dont forget each of the toppers needs to stand the right way, and this is a twisted easel, so either stand each easel up to fix the design the right way up, or flip the preceding easel, back out the way so you can work along one edge, the design will be on the right hand side facing you.

I didnt think that it was possible to make them stand on their heads but middlest managed to prove me wrong as usual!!

As you can see!! So if the images havent turned out the right way and you have large amounts of plain card stock in view, then pop it back down, and fold them so that they stand the right way!!! I think he just dangled it in the air upside down, and didnt even look before he took this picture!!

Have fun with it, and if you do use it please credit me with the design, and can you let me know so I can pop along and have a peek, as I am dying to see what others can do with it!!!

Thanks for reading, xx

Octagonal Twisted easel:

Well here's the next offering from me, so lets see wether I can get Blogger to get them in the right order?

Ok, picture 1. a very large Octagon, mine is large and uses a sheet of 12x12 as the base. As you can see once you have a nice octagon, you then need to divide it into 8 pieces with a ruler, and create a template for the eight segments you will need for the next layer. Make another octagon in the centre, as you dont want them to overlap in the middle!
 Next select your 8 toppers, these need to be as wide as the one of the sides of your octagon, for this I used the Jems Designs CD, Spellbound. My Sides are 11cm, so the base picture was 10.5cm, and I prefer to use squares, but rectangles and circles work just as well.
 As mine is quite large, intended as a Table decoration, I used 4 A4 sheets of backing card for the design, and cut out the 8 segments from there, varying the angles, and positions, so no 2 base cards are showing identical images. I recommend a card base for strength. Mine were the Spell Book pages from Jems  Spellbound Cd, but I imported them into MCS and adjusted the colour, as my images are mostly purple/blue.
Then score each segment in half, and apply DST to the left hand panel, which will end up sitting on the base of the card. I dont recommend scoring the additional score line at this point, as you need to make sure that it is going to end up at the right angle for display, so ignore the pencil markings you eagle Eyed viewers!!!
Stick your first layer down, then I recommend working clockwise, to stick the rest down, until the base is covered, so you dont have to keep lifting the preceding flap.
Once the base is covered with the segments, and there is a central hole in the middle,  you can begin folding the segments back. You need them to just catch the back of the one in front. If you mark the card at half way you will be slightly out, and the toppers will be nearly vertical, not the aim of the game here, they need to lie back slightly, so measuring from the outside to the inside it needs to be nearly 3/4 of the length, measuring from the outside inwards. So mine measure 10.5 cm, and I scored at 7.25cms
Then start applying the DST, I recommend the red for strength, along the scoreline, and the outside edge of the segments.
Then start attaching your Toppers. Mine are backed onto some Holographic Mirri Board, for a bit of sparkle, and added strength
Work anti-clockwise, so you dont have to move everything out the way each time.
 The final topper will not be tucked in so dont wory you havent done it wrong!
Lift it and the one underneath it, to the Right, and slot it in behind , it will be tricky, but dont worry it will go behind it.
Now start standing them all up. Do NOT worry about getting them to slot in just yet, you need to get them all upright first!
Once they are all upright, you can let go, and ease them down into position so that the bottom corner edge, just catches on the flap of the one in front.
As you turn it round, the images will all be visible, following each other around the base.

As you can see when looking at it from the top, its a bit like the spokes of a bike wheel. There is room inside for a candle on mine, or if you used rectangular toppers, you could persuade a small bowl of sweets to hide in there. No Matter how you turn it, you will always be able to see the designs, nothing is hidden from view.

I do hope this has inspired you to have a go.................and not frightened you off?

Have fun with it, and if you do use it please credit me with the design, and can you let me know so I can pop along and have a peek, as I am dying to see what others can do with it!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Lou , i have been trying to figure out how you did this , now i know i will just have to have a go . thanks for taking the time to show us .

Hugs Sue xx (scooby)

Di said...

Absolutely great and very clear tutorial - gonna have to have a go at making one :) Happy New Year! Di xx

Sam said...

Great tut here and will have a go at some point. Hope to see some more later in the year!! Happy New Year!!

Linda said...

One word from me regarding this very clear precise tutorial Lou is STUNNING!!!! I will definitely be trying this out and when I post on my blog I will put a link to your blog.

Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments Lou and I hope we see each other real soon. Happy 2012.

Linda xxxx

jeanette said...

Hi Lou, This is brilliant. Are you gonna do a tut for the rectangle ? xxxx

Anonymous said...

wow Lou,you are AMAZING....the designs are lovely, not sure if I could cope with either on of those, nevertheless I think I'll be trying:)
Stunning, just stunning:)