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Monday, October 31, 2011

Quiet old day part 2

Well I said I was going to post the rest of the set.....................

This one again has the Cosmic Shimmer Sunrise Yellow in the door way...........

And the next 3 were the separate stamps I used for my first ever post...............But still part of the same set.

 Cosmic Shimmer Scarlet Blush

 Cosmic Shimmer Meadow Lush

And finally Cosmic Shimmer Lilac Blue. but bit annoyed as this one went wonky!!! ggrr tried to rescue, but I am just going to destroy it, so it will have to do as it is!

each also has a matching insert, with a "Blot then Plot" image, to match the card, again in Vintage Photo Distress ink.
So there you go the full set.


Susan Flynn said...

These are just lovely, I love the way you've just spotlighted a tiny part of the image. The stamps are gorgeous - love it x

Sam said...

This is a gorgeous set you have made. Don't worry about wonkey - wonky is good! It also shows it is handmade! My excuse anyway!!