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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thought I'd add a few older projects

While I'm posting I thought I would add a few of my older projects.

the first is a mechanics sample I made a few months ago for a quad twisted easel card.

Please bear in mind this is one of my workings samples, to make sure everything works as I want it to, and is not one of my finished projects as such, but I thought the idea might appeal to people out there.
Basically its an 8"x 8" card base, with 4 added parts measuring 4"x 8". Fold each part into squares measuring 4"x 4".Place one side down along the edge, and stick one of the squares down on the base. The next strip, slides under the flap of the first, and again the 4"x 4" is stuck down, continue all the way around. Then fold each loose flap along the long edge, into a triangle. Due to the way it folds it will support itself, along the top of the toppers, I used matted and layered 4"x 4" squares, and doesnt require stoppers. Mine are all different colours, to make sure that my mechanics are ok, but I hope you can see the idea.

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