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Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Cut Update, and they are soon to be in stock!

Hi guys,

Well was a bit perturbed by a comment on my Blog, from a lady who also loves her Happy Cut. She was under the impression that Samuel Taylors had stopped stocking the Happy Cut, as it had been removed from the website at http://www.clickoncrafts.co.uk/, Samuel Taylors online branch.
I was that upset by the idea that Samuel Taylors had stopped selling it that I phoned them up! I got the very nice Manageress who explained that it had been removed from the site due to the fact that they had none left in stock BUT they are due to arrive at any moment!!
20 of them!! I know that 2 ladies are currently waiting for them to arrive, so if you want one I would suggest phoning to see wether they are in yet, I will be phoning her tomorrow to tell her to put the info UP on the Website, and order more!!!
29th Feb Update: Okay they are in stock currently, the website is a bit glitchy, and I was told earlier on that someone had purchased then it showed out of stock, as soon as she paid for it. I have queried Samuel Taylors, its just a glitch, there are some left as of today 29th feb, so dont hang around if you want one. If in doubt you can always give the ladies a ring, they are very helpful


Su said...

Thanks for this Lou - got an e-mail from them today saying that they're still waiting!!!!

Soop x

Su said...

Hi Lou have just checked and Happy Cut now showing as in stock at Samuel Taylors - have posted on MCS to let anyone interested know!

Thanks again for your 'heads up' on this machine - mine's now ordered and I can't wait to get playing with it!

Soop x

Su said...

Hi Lou, Samuel Taylor now showing as having Happy Cut in stock - just ordered mine! I've posted a message to this effect on MCS forum for anyone else who might be interested.

Thanks again for airing your opinions on this machine, it's so helpful to have someone who's actually got it and uses it to the max!

Cheers Soop x