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Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog post part 4 Pegascorn

Part 4 already? Boy am I behind myself!!

Ok more experiments with Flitter.
I got some lovely fantasy stamps in the Christmas sales, from Papermania, the Midnight fairy tale set. Its all Fairies, Unicorns, fairy castles that sort of thing, and I do like my Fantasy, but I do wish people would stop confusing Pegasi with Unicorns!! Pegasi have wings and can fly, Unicorns have horns! Not both!! otherwise it would be a Pegascorn, or something like that!! Same with Elves and Fairies. Elves have pointy ears, and Fairies have wings! Dont combine them, its WRONG!!! And it annoys me!! If you are going to draw Mythological creatures, at least re-search it before you do!!
I had actually thought about chopping the horn off the Pegasus before stamping it, and the only reason I got the set was....they actually managed to do a Unicorn, not a Pegascorn in one of the stamps, otherwise I would have avoided it like Wildfire!! I really dont like it when someone cant be bothered to do a job properly! Its like writing a book about some one in real life, then not being able to differentiate between that person being a dwarf or a giant!! Erm the height tends to give that away!!
Sorry will stop ranting now! But I'm definatley adjusting those Stamps!!!
An A6 card base, and a sheet of A6 paper from the Papermania midnight Fairytale kit. The smallest castle I did floating in the clouds in the Lancashire Rose Gilding flakes from Indigo Blu, as its quite a pinky red gold colour, and the Pegascorn was done in the Ice Gilding Flakes. A couple of small feathers, and a purple gem to finish off.


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