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Thursday, February 16, 2012

DT card for Black Pumpkins Messy Studio.

Some times you just find things that should go together, and this was one of those Times. This was the combination of 2 sets of Digi stamps from Black Pumpkins Messy Studio, Whimsy Sky and Birdeens.
I mean what do you find in the sky? Birds, clouds, the occasional aeroplane, and the even more rare and sought after,(Well if you live in the UK its rare and sought after) Sun.
So a combination then, which was what I had in mind when I received them. The problem was, how do I make this different?.................So it sat there for a while in the back of my head, and when Inspiration struck yesterday on something else, it also struck this one, that was hiding away lest I notice it! So out it came today, its construction is in 3 parts, Images, background, and dimension.
The images were easy enough, but getting the printer to accept a heavy weight card stock wasnt :( ! (If anyone knows of a decent printer that doesnt cost the earth, that is reliable, and will take everything I ask it to take, and preferably will run on a CISS, (as I refuse to pay ridiculous prices for ink Cartridges, when the printer companies should be more environmentally aware, and provide CISS systems for every printer) then please let me know!!) Finally I got the images printed out, but had to swap to a less dense card stock to do it, ggrr. Then I had to create a background for all this up in the air stuff, so off I trot to my graphics program, and root out and build a sky scene using My Craft Studio, setting the Scene CD.
So cut out and colour in the images I wanted. I have a set of the new limited edition Promarkers, the Spring set, and they really are good for this sort of thing. Okay now to create dimension.....I used a piece of acetate in the previous post, and this time I did it slightly different. I used a strip of good solid acetate, not breakable mind, just solid, and cut off a strip, then I folded it to form a zigzag.  I cut it into 2 short lengths, and mounted the 2 biggest birds on to them. I glittered the sun, and clouds, and mounted them with foam pads, and I also cut around the wing of the smallest bird, and curled it slightly, before mounting it with foam pads. All that then remained was to sick the ends of the Acetate into position, so that the birds stand free of the background, as if they really are flying.


1 comment:

BlackPumpkin said...

Love this piece!!! thank you so much!! Writing a blog post about it.
Remember to email me for your next 4 digi stamps!! :)