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Monday, February 06, 2012


Okay, I have no idea how this..............

Turned into this....................
Well I tell a lie, sort of, you see the tag I had intended to go with the woven matt, but as I wasnt happy with the matt, I had to create a new card which went with the tag, if you get what I mean?
Have you ever done that? Started with something, then gone somewhere completely different?
It seems to me to happen with somewhat disconcerting regularity. Yet at other times I have an idea in mind, and whoosh its a card!

Like this one....................
I knew exactly what I wanted, and ended up with exactly what I wanted!
I am going to disappoint my FG now, as I was intending to submit this to a magazine, but it's too late now, so here it is!

I am leaving the Green card sentiment free, until such time as It's needed, and the brown one is for anyone who is fed up with their anniversary being ignored or forgotten, second thoughts I might save it for my anniversary........................

The tag is from Red Hot Bed , dont know which one, the card was embossed with a Pronty A4 Butterfly Stencil, from The Art of Craft, the flowers, Ribbon and mirri from my stash.

The grumpy old lady is from Creative expressions Ethel and friends, and the background and Heart from My Craft Studio Enchanted Romance. Hope you enjoyed them, xx



Catherine said...

They are lovely Louisa - and yes, I know the feeling of ending up with something completey different to what you started out to make!

Lexie said...

Fab stuff Lou. Craft's like a living thing sometimes, isn't it? Has a mind of its own and ends up going its own merry way. But they often work brilliantly...like in your work here.


Becky said...

Fab cards hun.
Becky x

Anonymous said...

know that feeling lol, love them but fav has to be the grumpy old lady she kinda makes me smile xx

Linda said...

Oh gosh Lou, been there plenty of times:) Fabulous creations though.

Linda xxx

GoonerGirl said...

These are wonderful Louisa, I am always changing my mind half way through a card and end up with something completely different from the start... it is fun though lol. Chris xx