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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well I dont know if WOYWW is running........

........as I hope to be able to check first thing in the morning, but it depends if I oversleep before dashing up to eldests and grandsons on the pressie run, so this will be scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) Morning just in case. (and it is Thank you Julia, If you have no idea what WOYWW is then go HERE and all will be revealed)

Well a certain Hubby had better tread lightly at the moment..........Inspired by one of the Demo's on C&C today by the lovely Jodie, I dashed downstairs bits of glued paper in hand to show off. I was expecting praise? Bah humbug!! No I didnt get praise, or comments of "Thats lovely Babe, what is it?" which would have been acceptable, no I got ........
"Well its a bit plain! Cant you do it in some pretty papers?"..................................
Impressed eh?
For all my sore fingers, that is the response!

Here is the unoffending object.........

PLAAAIIIN!! Sorry Lady Gwendolen came out to play then (For those not in the know, The importance of being Ernest. Google it, get the book and read the play, then watch the film, then you will understand).
This was demonstrated in parts today by Jodie, of Tonic fame, who was demo'ing on C&C today for My Craft Studio.
This is the 3D Flower from My Craft Studio Advance Encyclopedia, Volume 3. It takes 5 folded petals per flower, and 12 Flowers in total, so a lot of paper folding went on today!!
I did it out of plain white supersmooth 180gsm decoupage paper, as it holds its shape really well, all in 3x3" squares, 60 in total for this little decoration, actually its not that little 4.5 Inches in diameter, and quite hefty really. Folded as per instructions, and glued, then each flower was glued together with My Craft Studio Everyday papercrafting Glue, as it bonds the fibers of the paper together very quickly, and I can let go without having to peg every fold!!
I sprayed it with Crafters Companion Stick and Stay aerosol glue, then quickly and liberally applied MCS Ultra fine Glitter all over it. Then I rolled it in the glitter to ensure that it was well and truly glittered! Nothing like going over the top, eh?
Some 7mm clear Gems over the remaining center holes of the Flowers, some white stripped Organza ribbon, and some large gold and amber beads from an old Christmas decoration ( Actually the decoration wasnt even in such a condition that I was going to throw it out, but I didnt have any beads big enough, and this particular set of beads had joined its brother on the one remaining Storm Lantern we have, the 10wk old Rottie (as was) and the 15yr old Border Collie had broken the other one. Not the kids or the Grandson, no a blooming Pup and a bad tempered old Madam!)
I know I know, note to self, New Years resolution.......get a decent camera and tripod and learn how to take a half decent photo will you?

Right although I started my cards MONTHS ago, I now need to rummage through my card box, find 4 cards, eldest, her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend and Grandson all need cards for 9 am Tomorrow Morning. I need to unpack and repack my Fairy Godmothers box again, to get the decoration in it, and hope and pray I can get it delivered to her for Christmas Eve, as she can NOT not open a pressie before its due date, gggrrr!! Oh and make an Envelope on my New Enveloplus board that arrived today, yippee, now I can make a proper envelope to fit Dad's Christmas Card, and I must sent off that parcel of cards as well!! Oh dear serves me right I knew I should have started everything BEFORE JUNE!!

I did ask a certain some one if I could post a pic of the card she made for me for Christmas, Linda of http://lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven.blogspot.com/ step forward and take a bow please.

This is an amazing lady who has managed to get herself on quite a few DT's of late, Well done hunni, xxx

And last but not least........I would like to introduce you all to My FG! A lady who considers herself to be a "trier" but in her own opinion doesnt achieve the high standards she would like to achieve. Personally, I would beg to differ, but I am biased, as she is My FG (Sorry Fairy Godmother). Here is her offering for this Christmas, apparently card number 5 that she made, and had to stop prevaricating, as I wouldnt get a Christmas Card other wise.........

I would appreciate your comments on these cards, but especially on FG's so that when she gets back online on 28th Dec, (only 7 more days, but who's counting?) she can see what people other than me think of her creations. She has done the verse herself, apart from the Quote from Patience Strong, and I think she is quite amazing , xxx FG and dont be cross with me, as you are better than you think you are hun, xxx after all it's your fault I Blog!!

Right off to rummage for cards, make the envelope and re-pack the parcels............. Merry Christmas everyone, xxx


Helen said...

Your cards are fab!! Everyone will love them. Happy Christmas.

Cathy said...

MEN, what do they know!!!!! I think it is beautiful!!
Happy WOYWW and Merry Christmas
Cathy #23

JoZart said...

Love your 3D flower and all those cards too. How special for your FG to write you the poem.
Thanks for your comment! I have a lovely card from years ago that has "T'was the Night Before Christmas" on it and it goes out on display every year.
Lv JoZarty x
Merry Christmas

Lexie said...

FG's card is gorgeous. She's a dopey mare if she doesn't think she has any talent! I love what she's done with the dies. Fab stuff.

As for Linda's...well...tis all right I s'pose! Lol. Nah...it's lovely as usual.

okienurse said...

beautiful ornament. To use fancy paper would have detracted from its beauty! My DH is the same way...why did you do this or that or sometimes its just, "boy that's stupid" Hope you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas holiday. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

Sunshine Girl said...

Gosh its all go in your house isnt it. I love your decoration and can appreciate the blood, sweat, time and tears that went into it but to be honest I would get exactly the same response in my house too! Men eh! Have a wonderful Christmas. Sunshine Girl – No 38

Linda said...

FG should be very proud of herself as her cards are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you also for your kind words about my card to you too!

The 3D flower is just stunning Lou and you are also a very talented crafter.

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

A handbaaaaag!! ah, Lady Gwendolen, eat your heart out! I love the 3D flower, it's gorgeous in white, what does HE know, eh??
Wishing you joy and happiness this Christmas,
Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It's a bit plain?! Did you kick him in the knee after that comment?! You flower decoration is gorgeous! I love the cards too, lots of layers and shiny bits to enjoy. That winter scene photo is so peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Plain?? Really!! I hope you slapped him silly, oh wait, he already is, lol!! That decoration is stunningly beautiful, as are the cards you received. Your FG has no idea how talented she is! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Brenda 71

Neet said...

That ;is absolutely flippin' gorgeous - Men - what do they know! I think he should have gone to Specsavers.
Despite my cussing him at the moment Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hugs, neet #4 xx
ps the cards are lovely and the doggy one is cute.

Anonymous said...

Your FG's card is lovely - she's defo got nothing to worry about - talented lady!

Your cards are lovely too Loop and the decoration is gorgeous - men... why do we bother?!

Have a lovely Christmas and peaceful, healthy 2012

May said...

Stunning, what do men know about crafting, oops dont show this to Tim holtz, Merry Christmas, Hugs May x x x x

Sam said...

Yay! I guess you must be feeling better! Phew!
As for that flower - it is GORGEOUS! Is your Hubby still breathing?
Those cards are gorgeous too.
Merry Christmas xx

RosA said...

The "offending object" is fabulous! And it does not need to be made with "pretty papers".
Thanks for visiting me. RosA#2

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Just dropping by to greet you and your loved ones a joyful and blessed Christmas season, Lou! The 3d flower is wonderful. Its reminds me of a snowflake. The handmade cards are great too. How wonderful to receive a card with a very special message. Thanks for sharing your life and projects with us in your blog!
peggy aplSEEDS

Bridget Larsen said...

PLAIN??? you tell him its gorgeous and thats that
Merry Christmas
Bridget #21

Sarah said...

A great post and love the white flower decoration - beautiful! Thanks for sharing in such a busy week! Hope you have a very festive and wonderfully merry time - see you in 2012! Sarah at 11.

Julia Dunnit said...

Plain! Plain! It's absolutely gorgeous , how funny that when you make something that isn't from patterned paper....ah well, at least we know better!
love the FG's card, time she stepped out from the modesty shadow!
Happy Christmas.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

such a beautiful origami bauble... one of my daughter's friends made me one recently and I just love it to death... have a wonderful holiday season...xx

jeanette said...

The decoration is lovely you done well there. And the card your fairy godmother made is lovely. All the best for christmas and the new year. xx

fairy thoughts said...

they just dont appreciate all the work do they?
lots of fab work going on.
have a well deserved rest over Christmas
thanks for sharing
janet #24

fairy thoughts said...

they just dont appreciate all the work do they?
lots of fab work going on.
have a well deserved rest over Christmas
thanks for sharing
janet #24

The Crafty Elf said...

Is hubby still alive? Should he be? Just asking. I think your work is fantabulous! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas with family and friends and All The Best for a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year!

TangolikeRaindrop said...

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012 x

Mrs A. said...

A bit plain?!!!!!. Bah humbug. Serve him up porridge for christmas day dinner then he will know what plain is!!!! It's fab just as it is. In fact it's gorgeous. have a lovely Christmas and a Crafty New Year to you. Hugs Mrs A.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Lou, just popping in late to say I've really enjoyed visiting your blog, and admiring your handiwork throughout the year. It's been fun getting to know you, virtually that is :) Love your decoration and can't see what is plain about it. The cards are beautiful and FG should be well pleased with hers - love the snowy scene. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Elizabeth x #46

Jacqui said...

I think your decoration is beautiful and FGs card is gorgeous too - neat idea to use a photograph