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Thursday, December 29, 2011

For those that despair...........

....................I do sometimes have a nice clean desk!!!


Now I do tidy up, just not normally when I am getting ready to post for WOYWW, as I am generally busy creating at that point!!!
So now we can see the wood for the trees, a quick run around what is normally hiding from view: Glitter station, Box of Bloxs and pre stamped images, craft box with things like stapler and hole punches inside, tin of pens, for jotting down things like FG's phone number, yep she's back, and is somewhat disbelieving of people s comments about her card, 3 jars of assorted wooden embellishments, tub of scissors, in the corner is my "sometimes" storage space- parchment mats aqua markers, paints, that sort of thing, My Bathroom cupboard decorated with a ribbon of mini pegs, and not so mini pegs lol, and some paperclips, various tape runners, candles, and the tubs and boxes of gems, beads, embellishments, the big lactol tin has loads of shaped sequins in waiting to be sorted and my paper shredder, perfect for doing quilling strips, a jar of glass beads, candles, embossing powders, mini drawers, and my CR 300-20, which is a very limited edition CR, as its also the forerunner for the SD Silhouette, and is SD capable, but I havent used that facility yet lol.
So it can and does get tidied, just not normally in time for the WOYWW!

And Breaking news!!!
For those who were somewhat outraged by hubbys lack of appreciation for the last "Bauble" I made, well here's one he said was "Alright, I suppose", while wearing a big fat grin across his chops!

A Christmas Tissue Paper Pom Pom.
I think I will be making more of these as they are ridiculously easy to do, This one is quite large, about 6 1/2 inches across, so the next lot will be smaller I think, as my poor ceilings cant take much more in the way of decorations..............

See what I mean?
Right off to mess up my nice tidy desk!!

Have fun guys and girls, xx

1 comment:

Lexie said...

Ha ha! My ceiling used to be like that but with great big hanging decorations. We'd get the biggest we could find and hang them in the most annoying places for visitors and then surround them in the smaller ones. Talk about a fire hazard...fun, though.