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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Creation this year?

Hmmn, now this is a hard choice.............

Over at The Stamp Man Challenges blog  Its time to chose a favorite Creation from the past 12 months.

So what to Choose? First I thought of this.......

This is a Quad twisted easel, my own creation, and I will create a tutorial on this for those who are interested, later, lol
But I then had a re-think...........and I think my favorite has to be.............

This is a really BAD photo of it, but it was my first successful attempt at using a brayer, and as my Dad was a Deer stalker, and well known Shot in the UK, I saved it for him for Christmas. A Foggy Winters Morning!

I love this card, and for me this is my favorite from the past 12 months, even though I only started Blogging at the end of October this year, and have missed taking pictures of some of my other creations, This one is still my favorite out of all of the paper craft I have produced this year..........

Mind you there was the Tea Set....

And I know that this is on display in a certain C&C presenters dressing room.

So how to choose? Do I choose based on how I feel, or based on how much pleasure it gives to some one else?

Ok Minds finally made up, it has to be Dads Card, as I remember how I felt, as I was creating it, the Joy that what I had envisioned in my mind was taking shape exactly on the card. So Dads card is the Winner!

Happy New Year everyone, My your troubles be left behind with the departing year, and the new year bring loads of opportunity for progressing in your chosen direction, xxx

1 comment:

Brenda Brown said...

What a fabulous post Lou and amazing creations. It is lovely to read about your choices and then your final decision. What a great choice to link to The Stamp Man Awards, thank you for sharing these with us.
I hope you have a wonderful new years eve and I wish you and your family love, hope, health and peace for 2012.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox