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Monday, December 26, 2011

Why is it I always Blog at night?

Firstly, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, and hope that Father Christmas bought lots of Crafting goodies for you.......
Me I got lots, but have only been able to play today, so have had my nose to the grindstone, and am now wondering why I only Blog at night? As it takes me quite sometime to write everything that pops into my head! Firstly I got some new toys for Christmas, one of which hubby was very nearly hit over the head for, if he had waved the wrapped package in front of my face one more time, I swear I would have given in, Whalloped him one, and run off treasure in hand!
This is an example.........

I now know for certain that I need a new printer/Scanner, as the Feathers and flower embellishments are WHITE not GREY!!!
This is from the My Craft Studio 2 disk set, Floriography. A combination of digital Stamps, Toppers and Papers, and all sorts of stationary. This was one of the first sets I came to on the disk, and as I have yet another 70th Commission, well, it seems to work........
So This was using the matching Topper, and Backing Paper. On the Backing paper, because of the way My Craft Studio works, I was able to tile the phrase," Happy Birthday And many more to come", and pick the colour of the text from the background itself, so it isn't too glaringly obvious. The ribbon is Printable Ribbon........yes printable.....so I put some text over an area that I selected, ran it through my printer, and then used some DST to attach a length of "Ribbon" to where the text had appeared on the sheet, then printed it off again, and hey presto personalized printed ribbon which ties in exactly with the design. I do have the design Runner, but the choices are limited, as I really need the gizmo that attaches to the PC to be able to personalize things properly with it, and its rather limited with colours, only black and green inks.....So back to Gold Mirri and then to the card blank, a wooden heart embellishment, again courtesy of My Craft Studio, and as it is naked lasered wood, I used a white pigment inkpad, and some clear embossing Powder to glaze it. The Flowers and Feathers are from the Glitter Girls, while the pins were one of only 3 I received from My Craft Studio recently.
The Topper I lasered on Supersmooth Card, Matted onto some more Gold mirri, and then trimmed with some Lace edging, then I pinflaired some clear crystal gems into position and done and dusted! I can see this becoming a staple in the crafting repertoire, and tomorrow will have to do some of the digital stamps on the disk, and relax with some colouring!

Next up for your delectation, for those that watch C&C I am Lou from Oldham, a regular emailer, I did say that I was busy playing with my new Boxer Board, another Christmas pressie, and making Boxes for NEXT Christmas.
Ok, ok, I haven't gone mad, but firstly I did want to play around with it, and secondly, a wonderful excuse to use up some old Christmas papers I have in my stash, so I can get some new stuff next year, see method in the madness!!
I made up the boxes in 3", 4", 5", and 6" sixes, made the matching lids, and learnt an invaluable lesson, well 2 actually........ALWAYS check your maths, and secondly, always make sure you are working on the correct edge of the board!!
Umpteen sheets of 12x12 later, I have 4 finished boxes, which have then been covered using some old, Pepper and Friends Christmas Party 12x12 sheets. I edged the lids and sides with a silver paint pen.

Well I got a tripod, and second hand camera from one of my kids for Christmas, but at least the shake has gone, and it has a flash as well, so no more dimly lit pics from me!!
Right off to do some more crafting, while I wait for more goodies that didnt arrive in time for Christmas!!
Have fun guys and girls,
Oh and thank you so much for the lovely comments on FG's card, I did admit what I had done to her, and she is chuffed to bits!! She comes back online in 36hrs roughly, and neither of us can wait!!


Linda said...

Beautiful card and stunning layout Lou as always. The boxes are fabulous too.

Hugs dear friend
Linda xxxx

Di said...

Wonderful card! Did laugh about you almost walloping hubby and running off with your pressie :) Great boxes, and a head start for next Christmas - WHAT am I saying??!!! Di xx