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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh dear, I have had a rough week!! Well 2 weeks to be exact. and Today was no different.

This is a photo of my desk for those that like to take a peek in into others craftyness, and gain some inspiration along the way. Its all presided over by the Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms Dunnit Here and you can pop along post a pic of your current state of desk/table/floor/bed/kitchen....... you get the idea, and then hop around the world peeking into others craft spaces.

This was my desk........
BAD even for my usual craft mess.

Why? Because I Had lost THIS!!
Nothing special, but boy was I going nuts to find it. I had hidden it away as Mr "I've never grown up and if some special occasion is coming soon I am going to snoop, and even steam open letters that may contain nice things, I have even been caught knife in hand slitting the sellotape around presents before now." was on the hunt, and I didnt want him to find it! But guess what? Yep I hid it so well I couldnt find it!!! Hence the disaster area!! I knew it was hidden under something, but could I find it? The whole room got turned upside down in a panic, and "I AM NOT GOING TO REDO THIS!" mood.
Guess where it was........ go on..........nope not under the cutting board, not in my card stash, not under tubs, or in boxes, and believe me when I say I had gone though every possible hidding place, took me all day, and I found it? Under my Keyboard! DOH!! That is also the place where I hide things like my bank card for online shopping so he cant confiscate it, so why didnt I look there first? DOH!!
Now why was I so bothered about it? I was bothered as it is our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow!! He and I both like Dragons, but he "assumed" all my dragons when we got married so the collection is now his, so he thinks!! And I suspect this will join the collection in the display cabinet, as this Dragon is rather gorgeous!
He's from Jems Designs CD Fantasy Screen Cards, and is Mounted on some Hunkydory Swirls acetate. Although this is a very simple card, it looks "Posh" due to the acetate, and I have done nothing to the image either, as I think he is quite marvelous, and I dont want to spoil him with glitter and Glitz, the acetate does that quite demurely I think!
Finally I must apologize for my absence, but unfortunately my Back is a bit hit and miss at the moment, slipping in and out of place, and the FM kicked in the other day, so 24hrs lost to sleep, and then I havent done ANY Christmas shopping, so I had to go do a bit today, and will go again on Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then if it isnt all done it will be a case of give up!!!! And On Boxing day I wont bother getting up, but will do what I have done for the past 3 yrs, sleep for 3 days, as I give in and relax when its all done and dusted! So If C&C have some decent sales on will someone pop over and hit me with a big stick until I wake up?

Mr "I've never grown up and if some special occasion is coming soon I am going to snoop, and even steam open letters that may contain nice things, I have even been caught knife in hand slitting the sellotape around presents before now." did the classic last friday............. he came in with a lovely bunch of flowers for me "Happy Wedding Anniversary Babe" he said. I looked at him. "Thank you darling, but it isnt our Wedding Anniversary yet." "Hunh?" "No Darling tomorrow is Saturday the 10th, we didnt get married until the 15th." "No, we got married on the 10th!" "No, we got married on the 15th! One month to the day AFTER YOUR Birthday!" "Hunh?......Well atleast I remembered without needing the best man to phone and remind me this year" he said, unrepentant, as if expecting to be praised for getting it wrong!! Now how many grounds for divorce are there in that little statement?
Anyway I got my own back.......... I popped into the hardware shop, as I have been wracking my brains trying to think of something to do with tin, this years anniversary, and got him a pair of Tin Snips. He is a qualified Baker, and also a qualified Plasterer, so I said to the woman behind the counter that I wanted a pair of Tin Snips, she looked at me a bit strange, I explained that it was for our anniversary, at which she burst into peels of laughter, congratulated me and gave me a £2 discount, for being so inventive!! so they didnt cost as much as he's gong to think, haha Mr  "I've never grown up and if some special occasion is coming soon I am going to snoop, and even steam open letters that may contain nice things, I have even been caught knife in hand slitting the sellotape around presents before now."

Now just got to print off some wrapping paper, and thats me done and dusted!!

Hope you enjoyed the little saga I had to relay to you all, and hope its given you a giggle, any chance anyone wants to swap hubbies with me?     No I didnt think so , lol

Do Pop over to Julias and have a peek it is good fun.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I laughed a lot at much of this post! I recognise so much in my life..the losing of things I've put in 'special' places, the family members having a snoop for prezzies, the daft little presents that proves you know your other half extremely well...
Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

Craftgirl said...

Happy anniversary for tomorrow and Happy WOYWW for today. Glad you found it and it was fun reading your post today.

Carol x

Julia Dunnit said...

Your desk looked quite familiar, but now I'm so busy laughing at your husband that I can't see properly! Still a big kid about presents..but it was the early anniversary that didn't!!! Have a super day tomorrow, bet the tin snips go down really well!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

That's so funny, getting the wrong day is just the sort of thing my OH would do. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow! Sharon #97

Sam said...

That Dragon is gorgeous. My Hubby and I like dragons too!
As for him being early with the flowers his heart is in the right place.
As for your hidey hole I keep my QVC card under there! And most places I shop online take Paypal!! LOL!

Shoshi said...

ROFL ROFL at you and your hubby!!! Men... My hubby always gets my age wrong. He knows I was born 3 days before something happened to the Queen and he thinks it's her accession, when it's actually her coronation, so he always makes me a year older than I am!!!

Really sorry to hear you've got a bad back, and the FM is playing up. Hope it clears up soon and you are able to cope with the busy-ness of this season. It's a real pain, isn't it.

My hubby is voiceless again today, with bout 2 of the throat bug. I'm hoping it's just a re-run of the first one, and that it's not another one entirely, that I'm going to be vulnerable to catching. I've had Quite Enough of it for now, thank you very much!!!

Hopefully he will be OK for all the driving he's got to do over the next few days. He says he's OK but I don't want him getting iller because he's exhausted...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I so appreciate it. I've printed out the blog post about my uncle so I can give it to my aunt.

I've already chosen a name for my new Kitty - it's a "she" by the way - she's going to be called Sheba. I don't know why exactly - it's just that every time I tried to think of a name, that's what came into my mind! Picking her up on Sat. a.m. on our way home.

Happy WOYWW, and hope you feel better soon, Shoshi #58

Anonymous said...

lol, thanks for the giggle, just hope he doesn't read your blog so he finds out where you hide your bank card!

okienurse said...

Way to go! I think the tin snips is a good deal! I am assuming he doesn't read the blog! I am still ROFLMA at hiding the card! I do that too! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Di said...

Hilarious - thanks for brightening up my morning! What a hubby - he sounds lovely actually. As others say, let's just hope he doesn't read your blog :)) Di xx

Sue said...

How funny! made me smile :0) glad it all worked out in the end, hope you gave hubby a medal (maybe you could incorporate it in your fab card)not for getting the date wrong, for his audacious behaviour! Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Ann B said...

Your anniversary story was very funny but in our house it is more likely to be me who gets the date wrong - forgetting all together a couple of years ago. How embarrassing was that. Glad you found you acetate dragon, I'm always, always losing things then the crafting pixie puts it on my desk when I turn my head.
Am trying to get through all the WOYWWers this week, did 50 on Wednesday but have slowed down since.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a funny story and I really like the description of your husband!! I hope he doesn't sart reading your blogg anytime soon, might have to find a new hiding place for that bank card!! That's a lovely card you made though, definitely worthy of being on display. Sorry to hear about your back, I suffer too from time to time and it's not funny, especially at this time of year.


Annie said...

I'm doing a quick drop in on the WOYWW desks to see what you've all been up to this week. Looks like we are all busy busy this week getting ready for the big day.
Have a great week.
A x
ps if you would like to support me I am looking out for votes for my poppy pic. Please pop over to my blog and follow the links if you have a spare minute.

Sue said...

I love looking at everyone's mess - it makes me feel so good about my own!
Congrats on your anniversary - have a fab day!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary Lou! I hope you and hubby have a fab day.


I thought your desk reminded me of something! Lol my own :)

Shirley Pumpkin said...

That is what my desk looks like most of the time!! lol Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW!

Shirley Pumpkin #63

Electra said...

Wow, this is spectacular!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!