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Monday, April 16, 2012

Morgans Elf Flowers

Okay I posted this yesterday I think, might have been the day before, but lets do it properly shall we?
I am on the international Team for Scrapbook Stamp Society, and was given this digi to use during April, and in fairness, I had used and created a card, but the hdd went and caused all sorts of problems, all my passwords were stored in here, I was attempting to use sons Laptop to get things to people, but it wouldn't let me post photo's, you know when one thing goes wrong, everything does!!!
Safe to say that as this is the second post from me in an hour, I have my pc and settings back, just not the 1TB hdd which went, though I am running recovery software on it as we speak................
So Back to Morgans Beautiful Elf Flowers Digi...............
Okay for those that like the design, if you are from outside the UK, its unlikely you will have seen this style before. This is a Kanban Inspired Shelf Stepper card, I did use one before on my Blog hop Shades of Green card, but it probably slipped by you.
This one is supersized, using a sheet of A3 Pearlescent cardstock, in cream, at 300gsm.
The digi stamp, you can find at the Scrapbook Stamp Society shop Here, and its titled Elf Flowers By Morgan Fitzsimons, a very talented artist indeed.
so I had a base design idea in mind, as the image really needs to draw you in, so I thought for a bit, before deciding how to go with it. Promarkers, Mica, Ribbon, glaze, Glitter and stick on Butterflies, oh and some pink wheat I had saved from my anniversary Bouquet of flowers, and if you recall my hubby's atrocious memory, yes the ones that turned up 5 days early and he expected praise for remembering..............Those ones!!!
So promarkers to the fore, and a-colouring I went!! Then when I had done it all deliberately leaving the butterfly in the top right bare, I attacked it with the Tim Holtz Glossy Accents, Eyes, lips, and roses in her hair, and added a touch of glitter to the stamens on the flowers.
then walk away Lou and leave it no more fiddling til its dry!!
Next day.........out came the craft knife! Carefully and using a brand new blade, I released the butterfly wings from the picture, and removed the top right corner of the whatever plant it is, Buddlea? possibly? then I slid some paper under the wing edges, and out came the Micas............careful, not too wet a brush or you just end up with a soggy mess!! Then leave it to dry.........okay easy part done.................
Now to mount it, decisions, decisions! Green card or yellow card, or red card, green red yellow, wed wollie  wewwo lolly..........okay orange then green!!
Now for the card base...........A3 sheet of card, scored in at 1 1/2" at the front  and sides, then cut and fold the scorelines, first before marking the half fold lines. Then I tipped it on its side, and mounted the image in the recessed step. I used some pink velvet ribbon and went round the frame, and added some stick on butterflies with acetate wings for more dimension, and to tie the inside and outside of the card together. I used my hot glue gun to fix the wheat to the front, and added my last remaining strip of velvet of ribbon over the front of the wheat,
well that took some explaining didnt it?
okay off now as fingers hurting from typing, and processor not too happy with doing added tasks as well as trying to recover drive, oops!!



Linda said...

This is fabulous Lou! Thanks for the detailed explanation on how you made this stunning card.

Linda xxx

CraftyLoops said...

This is a beautiful card, that image is beautiful. Lee xx

CraftyLoops said...

This is a beautiful card, that image is beautiful. Lee xx