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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Postage Issues

Okay, as anyone who has to send samples in is very aware, Postage in the UK has become extortionate!!
However, there is no need to panic, or withdraw from Design Teams, as I know some are, as there is a solution.
I dont get paid by any company I recommend. So bearing that in mind, I recommend the Happy Cut, the City Ink Express company, and I dont get paid for it, I'm now going to recommend an alternative to the usual suspect for postage here in the uk.
Hermes, that service we love to love and hate deliver parcels from private individuals. I know! You could have knocked me down with a feather when I found out! I send in my "order" via the internet, they turn up at my house on the arranged day, collect and deliver the said parcel to its destination. And the last parcel I sent, as it was under 1kilo, and under 1.2 meters in length, width and height, it cost me the grand total of wait for it wait for it, £2.75.

Just before Christmas I sent out 3 parcels, all with Hermes, a Craft Robo, a large collection of Pro-markers, and 12 packs of Spectrum Noir pens, all to different addresses, now come on you lot, you know how much things weigh, and how much the Post Office charge to deliver items. So guesses please as to how much you think Hermes charged me for signed for delivery to the 3 address's in total?

go on guess.

£27.00 for 3 parcels, all signed for by the recipients, and collected from my house! Now as far as I am concerned thats a result! As the Post Office wanted £27 for the lightest parcel!

Now I have recently sent 15 card samples, and one note card book to Krafty Towers, it weighed under a kilo, coz I measured it on my kitchen scales, it didnt cost anything in petrol to get it to the Post Office, it didnt cost me anything in phone calls as I did it all online, it was collected from my house by my usual Hermes delivery lady, on the day they said they would collect it, it arrived within 3 days, and wasnt even signed for! all for £2.75.
If I dont want them to come to my house, then they also collect from the corner shop about a mile away from my house, for 25p less than it costs to collect from my house. So if your struggling with costs, and think it is going to be an issue for you to send samples in then I would recommend Hermes. www.myhermes.co.uk

Hope this helps someone out there, xxx


JoZart said...

Thanks so much for that info and i've checked out they have a point in our village store... right next to the post office!!!
Jo x

Linda Simpson said...

Love the new look Lou, but it is very difficult to read your post honey. I have read it and I have made a note for future parcels that need to be sent.

Linda xxx