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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Papercrafting leads the way

Well Guys, I'm impressed! Well done to all those who realised that we papercrafters lead the way. If you didnt catch Top Gear tonight, then you might want to pop over to the Pagani website and have a look at the interior of the replacement for the Zonda!
Quote from the show tonight was that the interior is a "victorians vision of the 23rd century". In other words ...........Steam Punk!
I'm sorry but I do find this very funny!
But now to more interesting stuff.
A post or so ago, I related my tale of my first craft, and how I started. And that my New Years Resolution was to return to doing it after, and I had a good count: 31 yrs!
so I made one and posted it. so I made more:
Jasper on a suede cord, with chainmaille.

Peridot on suede cord with Chainmaille

Swarovski. AB crystal Pendant Suede coed, Chainmaille

Purple Glass bead earings

Swarovski. Crystals, Contemporary Christmas Selection

Swarovski. Crystals, Contemporary Christmas Selection, as a floating choker, with Amethyst Clasp

Swarovski. Crystals, Contemporary Christmas Selection

So thats what I did yesterday having a bit of a gap in dt work for once, lol
Sources for Beads used are listed here:


Robin said...

These are gorgeous! This is what I started too so many years ago and fell into paper crafting and just haven't spent much time at all in jewelry. Maybe I should do some more too. Hugs, Robin

Linda Simpson said...

These are stunning Lou! My favourite is the last one. Love the colours and the gorgeous rose.

Linda xxx

Droxie said...

Wow Lou, you have been busy, these are gorgeous

Andrea x