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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


well you know how it is, you have everything planned for a nice day, and then suddenly in 24 hrs or less everything changes and you have one of those rushed days?

That happened last night so...............stay up till 4 am, watching a fab weekly live webinar over at MTC, and I asked a question, so getting the answer was important, and would have been rude of me not to be there. Then climb into bed and try to stop the brain re-hashing the information I got from the webinar (fat Chance!), up at 7.30, get youngest off to school, come home write this, then back out the door for 10.15 for youngests school progress report, then at the hospital at 11.30 to get a cardio monitor fitted, then shoot back home, even though its on record (Now it is!) for mine and youngests cards on the Kraftyhands show at midday on C&C, then back out the door for the reverse school run, and hope not too miss too much of the start of the 3pm show!
All my fault as I completely forgot about the school report, and Cardio appointment! Cant blame anyone else! and now 22hrs of hell with this damn cardio machine! Its only my BP, but I have to have my BP done manually as these new machines hurt, part of the Fibro and EDS, nothing I can do, and of course today is a pain day due to lack of sleep and a missing tablet, so phone the company managing the chemist I use to complain AGAIN! I really should transfer to a new chemist, dont know if I have the energy today! And I have to take my painkillers, orders of the gp, (I'm not a good tablet taker, If I can do without, I will, but of course pain pushes the BP up, Vicious circle!)so thats going to wipe me out as well!
Anyway, to my main project for the show


so what did I do?
firstly the papers are from the cd, as is the topper. the outside paper is also decorated with one of the Stamps KH do, yes they do stamps as well, with some flitter glue, and gilding flakes. theres also ribbon threaders all the way around, from the cd, with the scallops cut off. Raffia has been threaded through the ribbon threaders instead of ribbon, and then plaited to form the tie close part. The outside topper is actually one of the distressed bonus toppers from the cd. The cuts were made on the cameo, using MTC, and it took me 24 hrs to do the cut file, but worth it I think. Theres Mirri behind the cuts, to add definition to the cut out/pop up words, which have been individually painted with My Craft Studio Gold ink. The matt and Topper are from one of the stepper card kits. hopefully they'll show it on the show, as It does look better in proper lighting!
right its 9.30, time for a cup of coffee and make sure my head is together to get to school then the hospital................
Do tune in and let me know what you think please? Also if the hat box isnt full will some one phone me and let me know, so I can shout at the boys?



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