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Monday, September 24, 2012

What a Bargain!! Crafters dream!

Woohoo! well it was woohoo a couple of weeks ago let me tell you!!  I snagged a right old bargain, take a look.................

Look at all those lovely boxes!!!! 48 A4 plastic storage boxes from Weston Boxes!!! And an absolute BARGAIN!! Why? Coz they are "Random Boxes"! Which means they can be any colour! That's the random part! They cost £60 in total including tax and P&P, which works out at under £1.25 per box, see what I mean about bargain!
Now When I saw the pile I never thought I would fill them all, but I have and now I need some more!! Unfortunately the offer has now ended, but I am still on the mailing list and as soon as they announce it again, I am going to bite their hands off at the wrists!!
I just hope I get there before you lot do!!

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