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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

oopsie, had to check, oh dear!

Well the title says it all really! I had to check wether or not I had actually posted this card! How bad is that? In fairness I made it 2 days ago, the night before my mate turned up to play, and it was put to one side for later, lol, so I am only a day behind!

This is quite a delicate card for me, so much so that I wonder wether it is too delicately coloured, wether I should have gone for darker inks or not?
But it's made, and you should all know by now, that I am an honest blogger, and boy have I posted some humdingers in the past!
So what have we got here? An amalgamation of electronic die cutting, manual embossing, stamping using inks, and using pens.
First to be produced was the bird with the flourish tail. Its actually a design I bought from the Silhouette store, and have converted it to be cut with the e-craft, on smooth white 250 gsm card stock. Beak to tail tip it measures 5 1/2", quite sizeable really. So fine I had this lovely bird.....what to do now?
So out came Mr Happy and a Sizzix embossing folder I received in my Goody bag from the My Craft Studio workshop in Doncaster. Okay, so now it is beautifully embossed, but it needs something to make it pop!
Milled Lavender Distress ink, and a large head blusher brush, as Doncaster had completely sold out of large Brushes for ink dusting with (boy was I not pleased about that), to add definition to the embossing.
Okay so now I am working in the lilac/purple range, which decided the base card colour, and the Matt cut from a sheet of 12 x 12" Docrafts Capsule collection paper.
A lilac ribbon, and it really needed something else.....hmmn! Okay, so out came some cute little stamps I got as a freebie with Nicky Hall's Creative Chronicles magazine, again from Doncaster. Some tiny little Lavender bunches! Perfect, but they are small, and I wanted to use 2 colours on the stamps........Whispers pens to the rescue! So a purple and a green pen at the ready I proceeded to stamp a little line of Lavender bunches above where I would place the ribbon. Huffing periodically to re-awaken the ink, yes those huff pens, they're the ones!
So ribbon attached, birdie attached, gems sorted just needed a sentiment, so Heartfelt wishes from the same stamp set, and what did I do? Picked up the WRONG INK PAD!!!! AAAAARRRGHHHH!!!!
Bit late now though! I picked up the Tattered Rose instead of the Milled Lavender! Now sorry I'm no Barbara Grey, even though the stamps are clear, as my hands dont hold steady enough, so it has to stay this way, until I root out everything again, and die cut a piece to stamp on, then I can cover it up, and hopefully hide the miss match in colours!
Told you I'm honest lol

hugs to all who make mistakes, Boy do I know how you feel!
So lets see if the various members of challenge groups have a good old giggle at my mistake!
The Pink Elephant:: TPE 160, use ribbon
Papertake Weekly Challenge: Anything goes
lou xxx

1 comment:

Ribbon Girl said...

Your card is fine and if you had fun making it that's all that matters - and thanks for joining in with the Papertake Weekly challenge. Mary G x