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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today WAS supposed to be

the start of me getting back to blogging, and working properly, so if you were expecting some sneak peeks, then you will have to wait until tomorrow!
Instead, I have some changes to my craft room to share. I got kicked off the pc, a few weeks ago, with 30 mins notice, so hubby could start preparing for my new craft storage unit. So there I was with what I had been able to grab very quickly, and you know what that means don't you, no craft mat, no craft knife, one roll of DST, and various bits, that were on top of the piles, u huh! Not enough to really complete one card let alone, the other things I should have grabbed!
Any way that was a couple of weeks ago, and I had just got the unit in last week, when I felt really tired..............so bout of FM hit, added to the bendy week I didnt realise I was on until later, and I tried to undo a door bolt with my heel, instead of bending down, and jarred my glass back! So been out of it a bit with Painkillers and FM. Normally I keep on top of my FM, and manage it well, but just lately with all the running around, to-ing and fro-ing across the country, hospital visits, and running up and down to Daughters house, (I knew there was an advantage to her being so far away!), it Crept up in me and laid me low. But now I am back.............. sort of lol.
I had just got the blomming Craft Room organised, when today, instead of sitting here doing loads of blogs, I got kicked out of it again, well when I finally got out of bed anyway, so Hubby and a friend of his could sort out the shelf under the table, that was SUPPOSED to be in when I got kicked out of here! and some more shelves so I thought I would share some pics of the work still in progress!
I am still trying to put away, but needed a break so am blogging while I recoup a bit of energy, and let the ribs stop complaining.

this WAS a walk in wardrobe, until hubby and Craig attacked it today, lol. now I have a very long shelf unit, above the sloping floor to the cupboard, and more shelves on top of that! Underneath is plenty of room for my 500 craft mags, and my boxes of Jiffy bags, , and Cello bags. then slightly in front of the shelf, is my red drawers.............

this at the moment is propped on some old books. To bring it into the same height as the table top, and shelf in the walk in wardrobe!On top of it is a small unit which is holding my Printer card and paper, and my inkjet printer, lol. There's just enough room for me to slide my wheeled stool into the gap so I can sit and type.

next up is the PC screen and my Craft Robo, and promarker blending sheets, and the corner of a small cupboard which has stuff like my Button Jars, Gel pens etc in, this area is still being organised properly, as its a nice big area which hubby and Craig just dumped everything on!

See what I mean? Its getting there slowly but surely, lol. This was my old Garden table, 5'x 3', and is glass topped which means that light manages to get through to underneath,

see? like this lol. This shelf runs the whole width and depth of the table, need to fill it up!

then of course theres the space under the shelf on the table! This is my Big boxes. Envelopes, Christmas stuff, cards ready to go off where ever, and stuff I haven't sorted out yet lol.

Now in the Gap left between the table and the unit Dad made for me, there's just enough room for ANOTHER set of shelves!

Now we get to the Unit Dad built for me, lol. I am waiting for 3 more shelves for this, one to split all the A4 storage boxes, as they are a bit heavy, and one to split the space underneath the shelf you can see, so I can spread things out a bit, make them easier to get to.

And a shelf to split the underneath area into two, so I dont have to pull all the boxes out to get to the bottom ones lol.
The doors open and form the support for the drop down top, which is a work area. Afraid my other chair hasnt been freed of the pile yet , lol, I will do it so I can sit there in the morning.

Here's a cheap but incredibly useful set of fixed baskets, it just sits by the side of me with things like my rulers in, and Plates for Happy Cut, and the next few shots havent changed, lol

 Those of you who used to WOYWW here, will recognize this bit, lol, stacks of card and papers,

4 shelves of card and papers. which need re-doing, mind you a restock is on the list at Doncaster lol, and finally down the bottom, my tins of stuff like Foam tape, and spare glues lol, things I dont access all that often
Finally my little butchers block. This is normally where I photograph the cards, and its also a nice sturdy support for my foiler, and Ribbon straighteners, okay okay they WERE hair straighteners, NOW they are RIBBON Straighteners okay?

Oh I nearly forgot one photo!!

My Laser printer on its tv stand! And a couple of small shelves on the wall.
Right I'm off to do a bit more sorting, then I am off to bed lol, more sleep. Not quite over the FM yet, but mostly there fingers crossed, xx

Have fun all, will pop round and visit when I get a few moments, xxx


Helen said...

Looks like you've been having fun. I've just had my craft room done up and am planning a shopping spree at Doncaster racecourse. I also have fibro so I know how you feel. Hope you feel better soon xx

Linda said...

LOL Lou, I am coming to yours for a good rummage to see what I can rehome without you being aware and might just give the dogs a bit of a makeover with ribbons and glitter. ROFL.

Linda xxx