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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All quiet on the Card front.......Candy News.

Wow quiet in here isnt it? I havent posted for a few days as I have been rather busy........
I cant show you what I have been working on as it is all due for show later in the week...........oops, so one day there will be quite a few posts by me lol.
In addition I have been dipping my toe into the world of You-tube......... 4 videos, well 5 actually as one is due to go "Live" later in the week, all on the Happy cut, my fab version of an A4 die cutting machine, and as I have just received some new dies, which are a little bit complicated, and I think this is one of the few machines you DONT have to shim, or buy additional plates for I will be doing another one on those dies later on this week!
But the reason for this post...........
There is a certain someone out there who has or is very soon to receive an envelope with some goodies inside!
The certain someone just happened to be follower number 100! Wow!!!! The certain someone is still in with a chance at my birthday/Mothers Day give away, but I reached my 100 mark, woo hoo!! I know I am over 100 now, and I would really like to thank everyone who has joined in, and I do hope you will stay with me as I continue this blog.
But back to follower 100! The certain person will receive an unmarked large padded envelope through the door, there wont be anything in the envelope to say who it has come from, but I hope they find their way back here eventually, xx Thank you for being my 100th Follower!!
I know if you have looked at my Candy post in the past you may have just scrolled past it, BUT I am going to make a late change due to requests.
I have had requests and comments about wether I would be willing to do this, and have ummed and ahhed about it, but OKAY yes go ahead!!
Thank you for all your support I really appreciate it, and this is my way of saying a very BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, xxx
Just a quick update as Makka's Mum has just let me know she received the package on Saturday!!
Makka is 6yrs old, and truly was Follower 100!
Thank you Makka, I am so glad you liked it, xx and thank you for being my 100th Follower.


Gwyneth said...

You are being very misterious, and obviously being very busy behind the scenes if you've got 4 videos made as well.

I've picked your blog to pass on an award to. Have a look at the latest post on my blog. http://blog.maesmieri.org.uk/2012/03/13/some-good-news/

Linda said...

Congratulations to the 100th follower I am sure they will be delighted with what you have sent. Congratulations on getting over 100 followers Lou I am delighted for you.

Linda xxx

CraftyLoops said...

Ohhh you are being very mysterious Lou! Well done to the lucky winner whoever they may be. Lee x