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Monday, November 28, 2011

Wey hey we have a tree!!

Just a quick post with some more cards, this time I will take a bit of time and explain them as I go along, and give myself a break from doing the tree that hubby dragged me out to buy today.

First up for your delectation.......

Bit hard on the eyes in this light I must admit. Papermania silver embossed christmas Vellum's from my stash, papermania SnowFall embossing folder, HunkyDory Frosted christmas collection, some Grey pearlised card, and some ribbon from my stash.
The embossed vellum's are very pretty, but quite understated, and I needed something to compete with the die cut HD shapes, so I dug out, (yes I used it again!! for some reason this year it seems to be my favorite!) my Papermania Snowfall embossing folder, and then went over the embossing with and embossing tool to make it stand out more. For a bit of light relief have you seen the nose?

next up

HD frosted Christmas foiled pink cardstock, and coordinating tree, some MCS white embossed vellum, some pink ribbon form my stash, and some pearl gems from Dovecrafts, and Samuel Taylors. I did have quite a stash of the HD frosted Christmas collection, Thankfully, I am nearing the end now.


Again HD frosted Christmas, Papermania silver embossed Vellum's, and some Polka dot ribbon from my stash.


I have no idea, what this style of card is called, but yes its HD again from their contemporary Christmas Collection you'll be pleased to hear. This is basically how you make it up, with no adaptions, and I just used some MCS Crystal Glitter to add the snow.


See now I have got bored and fed up, and am starting to interchange things! 2 separate HD kits Contemporary Christmas, and frosted Christmas, some C&C mirri Board, ribbon from my stash, MCS glitter. 

and now 

Ok I gave in , it was sitting there in front of me you don't expect me not to take the easy way out under the circumstances do you?
So HD frosted Christmas, and frosted shapes, some polka dot ribbon, and some Purple gems from my stash, yes even I am getting sick of the pastel pinks and blues right now!!

and finally, the piece de resistance............... drum roll please..............

Hunkydory Frosted Christmas! The card base itself doesnt photo very well, as it has bits of glitter embedded in it, very strange, and quite smooth to the touch, but unusual, and I try not to use it, you know how you want to hoard the unusual stuff? I used the Nestabilities Lacy Ovals die, and cut half way across, then embossed the full die on My Happy Cut, and folded. Then yes I know, I know, HD frosted Christmas AGAIN, look I have to use it up and GET RID OF IT as I am THOROUGHLY BORED of it now, you really don't appreciate how much comes in an HD kit until you have to use it!!!

Still got some HD christmas kits to use up, but they are ALOT more varied than the frosted kit, sorry HD but I have had enough of this set, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, especially when I HATE batch making cards!!!
Right the tree is assembled, the lights are on it, (youngest refused to go to sleep as he cant wait to get up and decorate it), the pine needle oil is on the tree but I cant smell it due to being full of this cold that is just waiting to let go, (I am allergic to real pine or coniferous trees, much as I love the smell of them, but a rash I dont fancy at the moment thanks!) and its just waiting for youngest in the morning. Middlest was cursed quite roundly for NOT having got the decorations out the loft before I took him back to College last night, and as I didnt fancy Chicken Tikka drumsticks, hubby went and bought me a very large Spring Roll from the Chinese so I didnt have to have a sandwich for dinner.  So now I am going to crack on with some more cards, think I'll do some Flower Soft ones for a change Yippee!!

And last but not least a pic of our Pup for Brenda. It has been really hard work this time putting up the tree, as the pup wanted to eat it, and all the decorations, thought moving the furniture was a big game of hide and seek, but for all that I am somewhat biased AGAINST Rottwiellers, this one chose me, and is such an affectionate little fellow that I wouldnt be with out him, so here is our "Tank". Taken tonight at 8mths to the day old, bless him!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lou, he's lovely! Can't believe he's only 8 months old and what a brilliant name!! Lovely cards you've been making, hope it all goes well with the church fair, and "Tanks" for the photo!!!


Morti said...

Great cards - HD do make good sets, even if there's a bit much of them. I can't justify the cost though, not with the amount of crap...I mean stash... I have here already! Thanks for stopping by!

Linda said...

WOW Lou what a busy little bee you have been. Your cards are gorgeous and I do so enjoy the commentry on each and the added extras make me giggle.

Puppy pouch looks a darling! Hope you are well and tree is now deocrated. Take care!

Linda xxx

Susan Flynn said...

Well I can see you have certainly been busy again. Some beautiful cards there, real stunners. Hope you have a great weekend and your husband gets that tree up for you!! x