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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Oh for heavens sake!!!

Why cant people tell me well in advance exactly whats expected of me?

Went off to Mass this morning nice and calm....... we have 2 churches in our parish, presided over by one Priest, Father Billy, so the church fair is next Sunday, and although the fair is only being held in one church, I had arranged to split the special Family cards I have prepared and take some to the church which isnt having the fair, next Sunday.

Only at the end of Mass chatting to one of the ladies, she asked me what time I was setting up for the fair on Saturday?

No its not on Saturday, its on Sunday, I said gently, thinking that she had messed the days up.
No there's one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
There's a fair after the Evensong Mass, on Saturday, and again after the Sunday Morning mass, she said gently, seeing I was somewhat confused.
Then one of the ladies from "My Church" came up and said, 'you are still going to bring those family cards in next Sunday arent you?' ( This is the church without the fair).


So I wont be around much, due to frantic card making!!!!

David Bailey AKA Middlest, has taken loads of photos for me, which I have popped in my Gallery so feel free to have a peruse. There's a right old mix, Hunkydory, My Craft Studio, Smirk, La Pashe, etc. Enjoy!

Oh and Thanks all of you for your helpful suggestions, you may see that I have incorporated a few of them!! The reason Mojo went wandering was, although I didnt know it at the time, I was running a temperature of 102 degrees, oopsie!!


Di said...

Oh dear - I shouldn't laugh but you've got me grinning here imagining your jaw hitting the ground! Good luck this week - you'll manage I'm sure. Di xx

Claire said...

It is funny but it also is not funny.... one person not knowing what the other is doing....
Good luck on the card making... hope you get enough made for what you need
Claire x

Susan Flynn said...

Oh dear say two Hail Marys and count to 10!! Happy crafting x

Linda said...

OMG Lou, I can well imagine how you are feeling. Wishing you lots of luck in getting everything done and will hop over to the gallery at some point but yep I am up to my eyes too.

Linda xxxx