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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mojo lost! Help needed to find it again!!

Oh dear need help!!
Has anyone seen my Mojo? I lost it yesterday.
I have been sitting here staring at these for the last day, and cant find anything to do with them!!

I dont want to make BIG cards with them but I need to do something with them if you get my meaning!
I am running out of time just 2 weeks now till my church fair, so I need my Mojo back if you see it!

In addition dont know if you have spotted this candy give away, you'll have to be quick, as it closes tomorrow,

You can find it here: http://thecraftbarnblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/look-look-look-blog-candy.html


JoZart said...

They are lovely and whilst I cannot judge the scale, they would be great as small Christmas Wreaths with ribbons hanging or in a string as garlands.
Good luck with the church fair.
JoZarty x

Tracey Potter said...

These are so delicate and intricate, you must have a lot of patience. Happy WOYWW (even if it is Friday here) xx

*thanks for the visit*

Susan Flynn said...

I usually do a bit of blog hopping if my mojo is MIA. Seeing what everyone else is doing usually gets me in the mood and gives me some inspiration!! Good luck xx

Neet said...

You asked about some stamps on my WOYWW blog - not sure which card you were referring to. if you get back to me I can let you know.
In the meantime - these are gorgeous. What about putting them on a mountboard circular base and standing a candle inside.
Hugs, Neet x (was #12 on WOYWW)

jo said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! What about putting a candle in middle of them? Or maybe hanging them with ribbon? Am sure your mojo won't be far away although i know how you feel - won't be long though and you'll be that full of ideas you won't know where to start!
Jo x

Anonymous said...

These look lovely you could as others say put a candle in the centre or hang them with a ribbon or back them onto something for hanging with a verse or pic placed in the centre and some ribbons attacked etc. Have a lovely day, Laura

Linda said...

Hi Lou, I hope you find your mojo soon! I usually just look at magazines and of course blog hop to get ideas. I do like your embellishments too!

Linda xxxxx