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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Trip to the NEC

Well I have FINALLY gone to the NEC!! My  last visit was 23rd Dec 1987 for a Marillion Concert!!!
This time I went hunting for Crafty stash!!
I went with a crafty friend, http://lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven.blogspot.com/ and picked her up at just gone 6 am, then drove down to birmingham and met up with FG, and then SHOPPED!!!

When I'd taken the first set of pic's I then discovered a couple of bags under the desk oops!!
Samuel Taylor's Stand was full of bargains...and I did spend a bit too much!! The Happy Cut machine was being used on 3 different stands, and it was nice to see it in public, as it were, as its my baby! The spellbinders stand had a VERY good deal on 4 sets of dies for £50, which meant that 1 die was £12.50, so I got..........3 sets of edgebilities and Labels 23 for a friend. What a bargain!!!
The goodie bags from various stalls were good value, but I do think that Samuel Taylor's was the best value!! Loads of 12x12 papers, and card sheets, glittered chipboard letters, oh it was HUGE!!! And I popped down to the Prima stand, as I spotted some of the contents while I was having a cup of chocolate, Laurence Delallios cookbook was inside!! £3.00 for 2 magazines and the goodie bag was for free. I was chatting to the lady there, as I stopped buying Prima, when they stopped doing the patterns inside,(apparently others had said the same thing) yes it was that long ago, but she said that you can ask for the pattern to be sent to you, so I will check the magazines out, and see what I think. You never know the New Home might see the light of day again....
I was wearing the earings I won from Beaders Companion, so I had my photo taken with Sarah, and apparantly its been posted on FB, so I'll have to pop along and tag myself.
But heres the Piccy of me and the Tea Set recipient...........Did you guess who it was for?

Last but not least I was the grateful recipient of some of Linda's Creations as a thank you for the lift down..

Right I'm off to play with the newest additions, .......could be a while lol


jo said...

Hey, that's some serious shopping you've done!
Bet you're having great fun playing with it all!
Jo x

Di said...

Oh my word! This looks like you did a Supermarket Sweep as in the old TV show!! So many goodies - have fun playing with them all! Di xx

Linda said...

WOW spread out like that it looks like an awful lot compared to when they were in the bags. Thanks for Thursday I had a brilliant time. You are a star xxx

Linda xxx

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Lol, Linda, dont forget I had been back to the car twice while you were off gallivanting!!, there was more than you had seen me put in lol

Shoshi said...

Wow Lou, what a fabby time you had! At our local Exeter show recently I also pushed the boat out and stocked up on lots of fun goodies. It's so great going through all your purchases afterwards, isn't it, and fidning places to stash them all! Some of the papers I bought I've come to the conclusion are just for stroking because I can't bear to cut them up, they're so gorgeous...

I adore your little blue tea set - saw it on your gallery. It's really cute and what an origianl idea.

I've never been to the NEC for a craft show but my hubby took me up to the Naidex exhibition a couple of years ago - huge mobility show - it was awesome! I met some great people there too, and (of course) spent more than I should lol!!!