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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Card for a child.

That's the challenge over at Kraftyhands HQ this month, now wether you are late doing your Christmas cards, or getting ahead, is up to you, as this challenge could well be a childs Christmas card, or Birthday card, the choice is yours!

Luckily I actually have MOST of the CD's by the Boys, Mike and Ian, and I am slowly building up a collection of their Stampography Stamps as well, they're yummy! So finding something to use for this challenge was Easy Peasy! And its actually a Child themed set, full of useful bits that I wish I'd had when the kids were younger, lets put it this way, parties would have been a breeze!

This is quite an old collection Pirate Island. But the oldies are the goodies, so here's what I came up with, and by the way, by the time you read this my 3 yr old Grandson will have had his Birthday card by a few weeks, so I was really pleased to see this challenge, as it killed 2 birds with one stone!

A stepper Easel Card, dont ask, made from one of the pre designed stepper card kits, and a backing paper.
Simply cut out, assemble, and embellish to your hearts content!
So using the base stepper card from the boys Template, if you dont know how to do one, its on the CD roms, I simply assembled the card using bits I had cut from the 2 sheets, then I decided to get creative.....................
Sometimes when cards are left on display for sometime, as I know my Grandson will NOT allow his Mum to put the card away when he gets it, the card starts to slide southwards. So my issue became how to make sure the card stays upright as long as possible? Putting supports inside the card is a no-no, as Grandson would pull it open. So how to get it to stay upright?
Aha! An Easel card! Erm but I have already made the stepper card!! Okay get creative!! I printed off one of the Backing sheets from the cd onto some base card. trimmed it to the width of the card, but added a centimeter to the depth. The I scored and glued the base card to the back of the stepper using Collall All Purpose Glue. This glue has become a firm favourite with me, as it seems to physically change the composition of the card! It makes it weld to each other, and really stiffens up any project, with the advantage of being able to wipe the glue away if it leaks out the sides.
Oh and I have just realised that I should have straightened the stepper before photographing it! It is actually straight, but the left side has not come forward enough, blast!!
To finish I used glittery Letters and his age, but I photo'd this before adding his name, as its not the sort of thing I want publicised.
So what can you come up with? You have until the first Friday of the Month to create a Card for a Child. Ideally we want you to use something from the Kraftyhands webshop, which includes the Boys stuff, and loads of products sold by Crafters Companion, so it doesnt matter where in the world you are, there's bound to be something that you can use!! You can also enter by email, pop here, to find out more, for those of you that dont blog but fancy a go!
If you use Kraftyhands or Crafters Companion products from the Boys webshop, and follow the Challenge blog then you stand the chance of a voucher towards some goodies. If you dont then you can win a Blinky for your blog!
So go create Guys and Girls! And dont forget to keep an eye on Create and Craft for more inspiration from the boys when they are on next, which is very soon, so I had better get creating!

Have fun


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Lexie said...

Fab card Lou. I'm sure any little boy would love this one.