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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aww Bless!

Aww how sweet of the Boys to let Mummy Linda stop chortling her little, (and if you have met her you know what I mean), toes off and put my mind at ease!
Ta boys, love you both!
Right if you missed my late night post yesterday, then here's the link  to the whole sorry story, which had Mummy Linda curled up on her craft room floor with tears coming out her little tootsies, How do I know this?
Coz when Mummy Linda phoned me tonight to commiserate, and yes she was still laughing, and crying and chortling away to herself, she was only an hour or so after Mikes email, (and I know he had a giggle over last nights post too, yes you young man, and Poor Ian how he puts up with you two I will never know!) letting me know that I could watch again at 10pm tomorrow, YES! you cant order yet, but as it all sold out, they have agreed to restock Create and Craft with it again! So go read the post, and tune in like me tomorrow night and grab your copy!
Right I'm off to sulk, as Mummies shouldn't really laugh at their children like that! Humpf!



Linda Simpson said...

Awwwwwwwww poor baby, have you stopped sulking now? Still chuckling I would have loved to have seen your face when you realised you had missed it. Now bearing in mind you are younger than me you should have a better memory than me :P.

Big hugs
Mummy Linda xxxx

aiveenj said...

Hi Lou,I have spent the last hour or so looking at your blog. Will spend another hour again soon as there is so much to see and enjoy. Found you while looking at "happy cut machine". Your infomation made up my mind. Many thanks. Aiveen.

Daniele said...

Hi Linda just popping by to say hi