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Monday, October 01, 2012

The MOST disturbing Card I have ever made!

Quite a statement that isnt it? But in all honesty this picture by Heather Kilgore really is the most disturbing, incongruous image!
I didnt see it at first glance ~I must admit, and printed it off when the lovely Heather Valentin asked me to do it for SSS this month, quite gung-ho without even examining the image!

But suddenly I saw it! And a chill went down my spine and the hairs on my arms stood up. I have had this image sitting here for about 3 weeks, knowing I had to use it, but not wanting to do it, if you know what I mean. I struggled with ideas on how to present this, and as for me it would be a nightmare if this happened to me, this card is quite dark, so be warned!

So take a good look!
Go on have a really good look, and see if you can see the bit that scared the living daylights out of me.........

Heather hun, I have arachnophobia! This was really hard for me to do, lol, but you weren't to know! Just please dont send me any more spiders? Pretty Please?
Now I have no idea wether this poor woman knows that there is that huge creepie crawlie dangling from her hat, but believe me I know it's there, and I think this card expresses my hope and fear?
I was aiming for a fantasy background, as I hope this isnt real, so out came the Luminart Radiant Rain inks, which the lovely Sheena Douglas demo's here in the uk, to create the background. Then another of Sheena's tricks is to emboss silhouettes in black onto the background. But Sheena doesnt really do sort of style I needed, so I headed off to my Alys Inky Fingers £1.00 stamps. Just what I needed, so branch, castle, twigs, leaves birds and crow, versamarked and then embossed with Stamp 'n' Stuff Macracite embossing powder, which changes from silver to black, depending on how you catch it in the light, please note the carefully positioned Crow, swooping down to eat that horrible Spider!!!

I coloured the poor dear in with Promarkers, Plum, Hot Pink, Fuschia etc, and added some small silver beads to her hat and a line of silver to her waist. Her hair is April showers, Grey Squirrel, and a white marker pen, as I was aiming for an old fashioned wig effect.
Mounted the background onto some Graphite grey Pearl card, from Anna Marie designs, and the cut carefully around the poor thing, before mounting her, as if she is coming out of the picture. And in order to stop the eye wandering from the picture, I added silver beads to the edges of the card below and to her right.

I dont know what you think of her, I think I have done a good job presenting her in a suitable style, but I have no idea who I would give this card to or for what occasion.................

But to other news, firstly, if you pop over to my Blog, its coming up to my first Bloggerversary, so I have a bit of Candy to give away.
Secondly, and I may be out of line here but I want to tell you something about SSS.
I am incredibly lucky to be part of SSS. Why? Because there are so many established artists who have converted their original artwork to digital format for us to use. Some of these artists, and I hope they dont get too offended here, became established in the 1980's for their artwork, well before stamps, and digital crafting. They have shown in Galleries, done book covers, all sorts, and you have probably seen their work umpteen times without even realising that these are the people who are making their designs available for you to craft with. They also are Multi National, so you have influences on here from all over the world. Us design Team members are also based all over the world, so you are seeing what is influencing us before it comes over to you sometimes, you have American, Mexican, European, British, etc, we all have our own styles and techniques, and make them available to inspire you, and to learn and be inspired by other team members. Also its a wonderfully friendly and caring team to be part of, so Thank you to everyone involved in SSS, long may we continue, xxx
Right lets start the Halloween month off with a bang shall we?

Happy Halloween guys, xxx


1 comment:

Linda said...

This is gorgeous Lou, such a shame you had trouble with this digi.

Linda xxx